grain-based mould toxins causing cancer

watching the sausage being made

. part of having our food processed for us
involves losing touch with just how susceptible
those wholesome grains are
to carcinogenic poisoning by moulds .

. one reason for the hush could be that
switching away from a grain-based business
would devastate the USA economy .

. the USA`gov’t officially endorses a low-fat diet;
and grains fit that bill well;
but another reason to be careful with fats
is that they collect carcinogenic pollutants;
so, if you’re trying to get away from grain mould,
you could be more at risk for dioxin-based
rather than mould-based cancers .
. I personally trust organic virgin coconut oil .


. don’t even bother with checking my credentials:
you need to see a doctor or certified dietician
before acting on this advice .
. I’m an evangelist for the dieticians I trust,
but I’m not myself a certified dietician;
I’m simply practising my freedom to speak
(often against the GRAINS of
the current dietary professionals) .
. moreover, keep in mind that my highest calling
is to keep finding the most healthful advice;
so, please read with an eye toward helping me
in this open source self-help effort .


. one thing this article still needs to do
is have some evidence for
the degree to which grains are responsible;
right now it’s just running on the intuition
that we do feed on a lot of grain via meat,
and do get a lot of cancer;
but, anyone eating that much meat
is likely more affected by xenoestrogens than mould toxins .
. industrialised nations also have much more stress
due to uncertainties of the job market
and breaking up of the extended family safety net .
. this sort of chronic stress can cause hormonal changes
that are more of a cancer risk than either pollution or mould toxins .

yeast and moulds belong to the kingdom fungi:

. their toxins dissolve the surrounding organic material
into a form that they can absorb .
. fungi are more closely related to animals than to plants .

mould toxins concentrated up the food chain:

. the grains fed to our cattle
are bound to be mouldy sometimes,
and it is a fact that
the mould carcinogens such as aflatoxin
do accumulate in the cattle’s meat;
and, it’s a fact that meats in some marketplaces
have exceeded safe levels of aflatoxin;
so, while there are hormonal reasons
for meat promoting cancer
it is also true that a major source of
preventable cancer from meat
is from feeding cattle grains
rather than fresh grasses .
. not only are the grains mouldy,
but the grains cause the cattle’ meat
to have more saturated fat
— another source of insulin resistance;
the grains cause the cattle’ meat to have
less CLA (an anti-cancer energizer) .

“( Processed meat products such as
beefburger, hotdog, sausage, luncheon meat
had the highest count of moulds
as compared with fresh and canned meat.
. [when] aflatoxins were absent in fresh meat,
the contamination of processed meat with aflatoxin
was shown to correlate with the addition of
spices to fresh meat)
[another source says that spices in fresh food
will inhibit mould in the gut]

. if you thought organic grain-fed meat
would reduce cancer risk,
remember that organic methods of growing grain
sometimes have even more trouble controling mould .

mould in the added sweeteners

. another major source of mould in the usa economy
could be from our other (non-corn) sweetener:
sugar beets .
“( the U.S. harvested over a million acres of sugarbeets in 2008 .
Beets provide 30% of the world’s sugar production. )
. growing underground,
they have the same problem with mouldy skin
as do other tubers (potatoes, yams, carrots) .
. how are sugar beets processed into sugar?
are the skins tossed into the sausage mix?

“( Postharvest samples of mouldy sugar beets
were analyzed for the presence of Fusarium sp.
as well as the possible toxins it produces .
. analysis of root field samples for mycotoxins
showed the presence of zearalenone.
) “( zearalenone is a potent estrogenic metabolite,
and, is the primary toxin causing infertility, abortion
or other breeding problems, especially in swine.
Zearalenone is [not destroyed by cooking]
and found [also] in cereal crops,
such as maize, barley, oats, wheat, rice, and sorghum .
) “( zearalenone was detected in
31 of 75 sugar beet fiber samples,
indicating that the toxin
could survive commercial processing .)

the pillars of cancer prevention

. to see details of how mould causes cancer,
visit Dr. Simoncini’s links;
and, especially for cancer prevention,
see his link to The Preventorium Institute
. for even more detailed how-to tips,
see Dr Hulda Clark
about avoiding mould-poisoned food .
. her work will impress you with the sheer
magnitude of mould sources in our diet !
(bagged vs bulk tea?!)

Preventorium Institute

“(. beware fungi-infected food:
stored grains, nuts, seeds, meats;
and, grain-fed animal products
(meat, animal fats, butter, whole milk)
. some of the fungi produce
carcinogenic nitrosamines
particularly in stored, cured and fermented foods.)

“(. beware also food that has no mycotoxins,
but will increase the growth of fungi in the gut:
sugar, fruit`fructose,
oils*, fats*, and fermented foods
such as beer, wine, bread and cheese.)
[. keep in mind that fats differ:
a properly prepared coconut oil gathers no mould,
and remains mould free also because
some coconut oils (monolaurins) are anti-fungal
. also, some herbal oils are anti-fungal
for the same reason herbs are .]

“(. seek foods that inhibit fungal growth:
fish, fish oils, garlic, onion, herbs, spices,
[legumes, fiber], yogurt and green vegetables.
Both aspirin and [caffeine] possess
significant anti-fungal activity
as do most plant-derived drugs.
(They protect living plants from the fungi.) )

Dr. Juergen Buche’s Fungalbionics

“(. cancer occurs whenever any cell is denied
60% of its oxygen requirements.
All normal body cells meet their energy needs by
respiration of oxygen,
whereas cancer cells are partial anaerobes
getting most energy by fermentation .)
“( at least 75% of our food sources

just how fungal-colonized is our stored food?

“(. animals fed fungal-toxic feed
are not only at risk for developing mycotoxicoses,
their meat constitutes another vehicle for
human exposure to excessive mycotoxin intake .)

Dr. Simoncini’s fungin infection theory

. Dr. Simoncini believes that fungi cause all cancers;
. however, the same metabolic disorders
that are promoting cancer growth
also promote fungal infections
(eg, yeast thrive in high blood sugar
and suppressed immune systems)
thereby making hormone imbalance
the root cause of both fungal infections
and cancer .
. nevertheless,
fungi certainly can worsen cancer risk
by producing carcinogens,
and Dr. Simoncini’s promotion of baking soda cures
has a much better long-term outcome
than the current chemotherapies .
(even eating right has better long-term outcomes!)

. there are already many medical uses for
baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate Injection):
“(. it may be indicated in the treatment of
metabolic acidosis
which can occur in uncontrolled diabetes,
and severe primary lactic acidosis.
Sodium Bicarbonate Injection is further indicated
in the treatment of certain drug intoxications,
and in hemolytic reactions requiring
alkalinization of the urine .)

“(. sodium bicarbonate is uniquely suitable
as a chemotherapy for cancer because
it not only corrects an acidosis,
but also destroys the bindings that
fortress fungin colonies from the immune system .)

mould in the air — clues and tips

. Dr. Simoncini has an (pdf) article
about toxic mould in homes
which details some of the symptoms of mycotoxins,
and gives some prevention tips .
“(. a diet with adequate selenium and protein
(especially methionine) [together used for
making glutathione peroxidase]
can assist in  detoxifying food mycotoxins .)
“(. use anti-fungal copper-8-quinolate paint
to reduce airborne aspergillus .)

“(. common fungal carcinogens in the home include
aflatoxins, ochratoxins, and sterigmatocystin .
. exposure to these can be toxic to liver and kidney,
as well as carcinogenic .
. they can impair immune function,
(T cell, B cell, and NK activity))
“(. neurotoxicity symptoms include
fatigue, memory loss,
irritability, anx, depression,
numbness, tingling, tremor .)
“(. the ochratoxins can be kidney-toxic
not only from food but air contamination:)
“(a family with excessive thirst, frequent urination,
lethargy, and skin rash,
did recover after moving from a
contaminated house .)
“(. trichothecenes will inhibit protein
synthesis to the point of vomiting
and haemorrhaging .
. they can be raising beta glucan levels
to the point of chest tightness
and joint pain;
and cause increases in tumor necrosis factor .)


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