hormonics: the Zone Diet revisited


. Hormonics, the science of keeping hormones in the zone,
documents the evolving technology in clinical nutrition
which can prevent illness and enhance performance .
. hormonics is based on Dr.Sears’ Zone Diet;
this introduction summarises his work
and integrates it with the work of other nutritionists;
including that of Dr Irene Darmadi-Blackberry,
whose study found that legumes
were very important to senior health .
. neither whey protein isolate nor beans
were thought to be zone favourable;
but the 2 pureed together is healthier than meat .
. Dr. Atkins was our front-line hero,
being the most practical at bringing the Zone to
the many obese medical emergencies
who really could do well on a ketogenic diet
if they also followed Atkins’ supplementation advice .


. I have no dietary or medical credentials:
you need to see a doctor or certified dietician
before acting on this advice .
. I’m an evangelist for the dieticians I trust,
but I’m not myself a certified dietician;
I’m simply practising my freedom to speak
(often against the GRAINS of
the current dietary professionals) .
. moreover, keep in mind that my highest calling
is to keep finding the most healthful advice;
so, please read with an eye toward helping me
in this open source self-help effort .

Dr.Sears was, and continues to be,
a pioneer in nutritional preventive nutrition .
. his Zone diet was often mischaracterized as stressing
the correct ratio of dietary carb’s, protein, and fat;
the primary message of Dr.Sears ground-breaking diet,
was the importance of keeping hormones “in the zone”
— especially insulin and cortisol .
. he also pioneered education about bad eicosanoids,
and why you needed to avoid arachidonic acid,
thereby precluding the frequent use of whole eggs .
. keeping hormones in the zone is done by
not only limiting the amount of carb’s;
but also limiting the type to low-glycemic .
. you want carb’s having a high antioxidant-to-calorie ratio;
such as: dark green leafies, and generally
colorful, non-starchy, and non-sweet
( low in simple sugars and fructose ) .
. being high in soluble fiber may lower glycemic load .
. getting adequite protein is easy to do with fish,
but you can also do it with 3 cups of black beans,
half a day’s egg whites, or {whey, rice} protein isolate,
and a generous supply of purified fish oil .
. eggs are a great source of raw animal protein
because there is no chance of getting any parasites,
and very little chance of getting sick [see Dr.Mercola];
conversely, animal protein has a lot of methionine
which requires vitamin b-6 to prevent artery diseases,
while cooking destroys the b-6 .
. the diet gets much of its health benefits from being
but if you do need more calories than usual, eg, for athletics;
then those extra calories should come from
monounsaturated fats,
not any more protein or carb’s than
the sedentary are allowed to consume
(ie the ratio of fats to carb’s & protein
changes as calories increase) .

choice is the modern way

. the transcending message of { Mercola, Sears, Atkins } was that
— regardless of what food you choose —
the essential ingredient to health is
keeping the hormones”{ cortisol, insulin }
in the zone of optimisation .

the meat controversy

. protein such as meat is often encouraged
in the diets of { Mercola, Sears, Atkins }
because it does tend to be the easiest way for a doctor
to keep most of us sinners in the hormone zone .
. this is because meat is a convenient and fun source of protein,
and not only does protein make
little demand on insulin (except by resisting it);
but also, after the last meal’s glucose supply falls off,
protein hormonally encourages the liver to
keep producing brain fuel [dr.sears]
— essential for keeping down another
insulin raiser: cortisol
. however,
meat (especially branched-chain amino’s) and saturated fats
do weaken the strength of your insulin;
moreover, the typical modern culture can hardly escape
the intake of flour or other high-glycemic carb’s
that produce uncontrolled blood glucose;
so then,  eating meat in our culture
is seen by our doctors as
mixing insulin resisters with insulin demanders
— that equals the disaster of very high insulin!
. too high glucose is poison to the brain,
so, the body will keep raising your insulin
until it does have the strength
to pack that glucose into body cells,
and thereby keep it from getting too thick in the brain .
. it is the high insulin from mixing meat with flour or sugar
that will result in the diseases typically attributed to meat-eating !

the perfect hormone-zone food” legumes

. the safest way to get protein and carb’s is the legume
simmered in spiced monounsaturates:
the fat further slows the digestion of the carb’s,
and keeps the vitamins fresh
by separating them from oxygen which is
especially volatile during the heating processes
. for example,
my routine diet is black beans and olive oil spiced with rosemary
(soaked, and then pureed in a high-speed blender
for reduced cooking time );
–. the classic spice is oregano — the one with the greatest anti-oxidant value —
but rosemary is nearly as powerful .

. legumes are the best source of protein and carb’s
because they have a very unique combination
in the world of foods:
they are both very fiberous in a pro-biotic way,
and very high in protein;
this feature provides a drip-feed mechanism
for both the protein and the carb’s
— a rate of feed that duplicates the zone diet,
but with less use of meat .

the TG/HDL hormone zone test

. one obvious way to tell how in the zone you’re in
is keeping the weight off, sleeping well,
and being able to exercise vigorously .
. but when your medical condition is complicated,
one of Dr.Sears’ greatest contributions
was his guide to cheap hormone monitoring .

. you can test the health of your diet
by watching it`s effect upon insulin levels,
which are mirrored by
the ratio of triglycerides (TG)
to HDL (helpful) cholesterol

. when my diet was high in eggs and olive-oil,
while having no sugar, flour, or starchy vegetables,
I had a perfect TG/HDL ratio of around 1/1 !
( a typically horrible ratio is 4/1 ) .

the modern foods choice

. trans fats (from hydrogenated oils,
vegetable shortening,  and margarine)
are the major cause of insulin resistance
in drug-free, unstressed  individuals .
. these are typically — and catastrophically —
mixed with high-fructose corn syrup
which contains mostly dextrose and fructose .
. table sugar is safer than corn syrup
because it bonds two molecules together,
thereby slowing the release of sugar’s glucose .
. a fast-entry dextrose immediately
jumps up the blood sugar levels,
and creates a powerful need for insulin;
meanwhile, a fast-entry fructose is causing a sharp rise
in triglycerides (the part of the hormone zone test
that should be low) .
. the body cannot use fructose until
the liver converts it to triglycerides
(an edible or at least storable fat ).
. triglycerides cause insulin resistance,
so eating a lot of of fructose is the same as saying
“( if I eat a lot of dextrose too,
may it blow my insulin through the roof
— or at least out of the hormone zone ! ).
. so that is exactly what we get
with high-fructose corn syrup:
very high insulin levels,
as verified by an amazing increase in obesity
that has occurred since soda manufacturers
replaced sugar with high-fructose corn syrup
to cut their costs in half  .

the modern drugs choice

. many drugs that are meant to cure metabolic disorder
( heart disease, high blood pressure, or cholesterol levels ),
ironically cause the very insulin resistance
that causes all these things .
. perhaps the reason these drugs work for some and not others,
may have something to do with
how carefully these patients use foods
that either require or resist insulin .
. caffeine, and many other  performance enhancers
will raise cortisol and cause insulin resistance .

the exercise choice

. since vigorous exercise can substitute for insulin
at least in the function of controlling sugar levels,
it can make diet-watching less important;
but if you want a finer hormone test than the
presence of obesity or psychiatric disorders,
a simple cholesterol panel will give you those
TriGlyceride and HDL numbers,
and provide you with that modern dream
of having choice (in diet)
while knowing good from evil
(a good lifestyle does not cause
evil feelings or medical bills later in life,
or in the lives of the next generation ) .

the lifestyle of mother choice

. staying in the hormone zone is especially important for young girls
as this will dramatically reduce their risk as adults
for breast cancer, and painful endometriosis
— not to mention life-threatening diabetes during pregnancies
which not only threatens the mother
but also puts the infants at risk of being
out of the hormone zone all their adult lives .

the stress choice

. good supervision of children can help too,
since fear raises adrenalin,
which causes alarming dips in the level of brain fuel,
which raises cortisol
— cortisol is a natural steroid that the body uses to
suppress insulin sensitivity in order to
prevent the body from using the brain’s sugar supply .
. cortisol also suppresses cancer-fighting immune activity
in order to feel less tired during emergencies .
. if the diet contains carb’s that require insulin,
then the insulin-resisting cortisol
over-raises the insulin .
. since the cortisol has created insulin resistance,
the only safe diet under stress
is one that demands no insulin;
ie, has no food that raises blood glucose;
thus, it is the use of sugar to de-stress
— not the fat in one’s diet —
that is most responsible for obesity in children .
. in fact, the current wave of obesity in USA`children
coincides with the introduction of
a particularly vicious insulin demander:
corn syrup .
. it’s not just in the soda,
but the luncheon meats, baked goods …
it’s dirt-cheap!
— it’s addictive because it spikes blood glucose:
raising it far faster than insulin can keep up with it;
feels so high so briefly,
and leaves you $o hungry .


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