End Times Kickoff (9/11)

Messiah and the End Times

messiah is defined in the Tanakh

. this transcription of Rabbi Skobac’s Crash Course
will summarize the criteria that must be fulfilled
before any person can be acknowledged as the Messiah .
. the Jewish people are leaders in software,
hardware, and other key cyber technologies;
my guess is this will be the Messiah;
it’s long been my belief that only robotics
could save us from ourselves .

. oh, and, this Messiah guy
has End Times written all over him …
(notice my expansions of the bible passages
given by rabbi Michael Skobac).

. the Messiah is defined in the Tanakh:
The name is an acronym
formed from the initial Hebrew letters of the
Masoretic Text’s three traditional subdivisions:
The Torah (“Teaching”, the Five Books of Moses),
Nevi’im (“Prophets”) and
Ketuvim (“Writings”)
—hence TaNaKh.
According to the Talmud,
much of the contents of the Tanakh
were compiled by the
“Men of the Great Assembly” by 450 BCE,
and have since remained unchanged.
Modern scholars believe that the process of
canonization of the Tanakh
became finalized between 200 BCE and 200 CE.

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. transcriber’s comments look like –[ this ] .
. other uses of square brackets are for
providing alternate versions of Bible verses:
[Stern’s Jewish Bible] vs Bible in Basic English .

. christians admit that Jesus has
not yet fulfilled the biblical messianic prophecies,
but, claim they will be fulfilled at the 2nd Coming .

# jesus’ understanding of the situation:
. jesus seems to have understood he was not the Messiah
by what he cried while crucified by the Romans
[the federal government around Israel at the time]:
matthew 27:46
And about the ninth hour [of sunlight, 3pm]
Jesus[Yeshua] gave a loud cry, saying,
Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?
[Eli! Eli! L’mah sh’vaktani ?]
that is, My God, my God,
why are you turned away from me?
[Why have you deserted me?]

jesus’ understanding of the situation/
wholistic reinterpretation:
. when christ appeared to have said:
“(why have you deserted me, god?!)
he may have been appalled that
others around him were assuming that
having one’s self being unjustly nailed
was the same as god turning away .
. his whole ministry had been devoted to
attacking his religious leadership
for their teachings about why the god allows
bad things to happen to good people:
they were claiming
the reason people were sick or disabled
was god’s punishment for
sins committed by their family .
. jc was saying on the cross:
you think my being nailed by you
is an act of god punishing me? look!:
the sin here is that
we are unjustly punishing people!
I am dying on the cross for
your sins not mine!

criterion# all obey:
. the Messiah will come at a time when
all the jewish people will embrace the Torah
and observe god — god’s commandments .
–[. so christ could not be the Messiah,
by definition, because,
his primary mission was to tell the Jewish people
that they were not following a commandment:
the one about not bearing false witness
(some of the leaders of christ’s time were claiming
that being crippled was caused by god
who was punishing the family’s secret sins
— you can’t be caught by this lie,
because some privacy is unavoidable ! )
thus, the Messiah could never be
any of our typical prophets,
since they, by definition come to
tell us how we are ignorant of god’s law .]

ezekiel 37: 24;
And my servant David* will be king over them;
and they will all have one keeper:[shepherd]
and they will
be guided by my orders[live by my rulings]
and will keep my rules and do them
[keep and observe my regulations].
*: David is the famous shepherd
who took down a giant by appearing so fragile
that the giant took off his helmet,
at which point David nailed him with a sling shot
(typically used against wolves looking for sheep).
David is the symbol of high tech
triumphing over strong doses of lesser tech .

deuteronomy 30: 8,
And you will again give ear to the voice of
the Lord,[ADONAI]
and do all his orders[obey all his mitzvot]
which I have given you today.

deuteronomy 30:10
If you give ear to the voice of
the Lord your God, [ADONAI your God]
keeping his orders and his laws
[obey his mitzvot and regulations]
which are recorded in this book of the law,[Torah,]
and turning to the Lord your God
[ADONAI your God ]
with all your heart
and with all your soul.[being]
9 [then]
the Lord your God[ADONAI your God]
will make you fertile in all good things,
blessing[ensuring the success of]
the work of your hands,
and the fruit of your body, cattle[livestock], and land:
for the Lord will have joy in you
[rejoice to see you do well],
[just] as he had [rejoiced] in your fathers[ancestor].

jeremiah 31: 32;
See, the days are coming,
says the Lord,[ADONAI]
when I will make a new agreement[covenant]
with the people of Israel[house of Isra’el]
and with the people of Judah[house of Y’hudah]:
Not like the [one] I made with their fathers,
on the day when I took them by the hand
to be their guide out of the land of Egypt;
which agreement was broken by them,
and I gave them up, says [ADONAI].
But this is the agreement which I will make
with the people of Israel [house of Isra’el]
after those days,
says the Lord;
I will put my law in their inner parts,
[my Torah within them]
writing it in their hearts;
and I will be their God,
and they will be my people.
And no longer will [anyone be
ignorant of ADONAI,
having to be taught by others
in order to know of ADONAI’s laws]
for they will all have knowledge of me,
from the least, to the greatest [everyone],
says [ADONAI]:
for [all the evil-doers] will have my forgiveness
and their sin will go from my memory for ever
[ ADONAI will forgive and forget;
therefore we will never again be left alone ?
hmm, combine this idea with
David[the icon of high tech] will be king,
and then you get a world where
everyone knows they are being watched
by the arrays of cameras that are eyes for
internet-connected artificial intelligence;
that would be a blessed, merciful world indeed .].

ezekiel 11: 19-20,
And I will give them a new heart[unity of heart],
and I will put a new spirit in them;
[“I will put a new spirit among you.” ]
and I will take the heart of stone out of their flesh
and give them a heart of flesh:
So that they may be guided by my rules
[live by my regulations]
and keep my orders[rulings] and do them:
and they will be to me a people[be my people],
and I will be to them a God
[I will be their God].

ezekiel 36: 26-27
And I will give you a new heart
and put a new spirit in you:
I will take away the heart of stone from your flesh,
and give you a heart of flesh.
And I will put my spirit[Spirit] in you,
causing you to be guided by my rules[laws],
and you will keep my orders[rulings]
and do[obey] them.

criterion# universal belief in g-d:
. the Messiah will come at a time when
all the people of the world
will come to acknowledge and serve
the one true g-d of abraham, isaac, and jacob:

zechariah 3:9
For see, the stone which I have put before Joshua[Y’hoshua];
on one stone are seven eyes:
see, the design cut on it will be my work,
says [ADONAI-Tzva’ot] the Lord of armies,
and I will [remove the guilt]take away the sin
of that land in one day.

zechariah 8:23
These are the words of [ADONAI-Tzva’ot]
the Lord of armies:
I am angry about the fate of Zion,
[jealous on Tziyon’s behalf]
I am angry about her with great wrath[fury].
3ADONAI says,
I have come back to Zion,[am returning to Tziyon]
and will make my living-place in
and Jerusalem will be named
[Truth City] The town of good faith;
and the mountain of [ADONAI-Tzva’ot’s]the Lord of armies,
[the Mountain of the Holy One]The holy mountain.
… 7
This is what [ADONAI-Tzva’ot] has said:
See, I will be the saviour of my people
{saving them from all aggressors}
from the east country, and the west;
[from lands east and west;]
And I will make them come
and be living in Jerusalem
and they will be to me a people
and I will be to them a God,
in good faith and in righteousness.
[with faithfulness and justice]
This is what [ADONAI-Tzva’ot] has said:
Let your hands be strong,[Take courage]
you who are [only] now hearing these words
from the mouths of the prophets,
that is to say, in the days when {was}[laid]
the base[foundation] of the Temple,
the house of ADONAI-Tzva’ot .
For before those days
there was no payment for a man’s {services}
and[moreover] there was no peace for
him who went out or came in,
because of the attacker:
for I had every man turned against his neighbour.
But now[from now on] I will
not be to the rest of this people
as I was in the past, says [ADONAI-Tzva’ot].
For I will let the seed of peace be planted;
the vine will give her fruit
and the land will give her increase
and the heavens[sky] will give their dew;
and I will give to the rest[remnant] of this people
all these things for their heritage.
And it will come about that,
as you were a curse among the nations,
O children of Judah and children of Israel,
[House of Y’hudah and house of Isra’el]
so I[now I will save you] will give you salvation
and you will be a blessing:
have no fear and let your hands be strong.
[Don’t be afraid, but take courage!]
For this is what the[ADONAI-Tzva’ot] has said:
As it was my purpose to
do evil to you when your fathers made me angry,
[when your forefathers provoked me]
says [ADONAI-Tzva’ot]
and my purpose was not changed[I did not relent]:
So in these days it is again my purpose
to do good to [Yerushalayim]
and to the [house of Y’hudah]:
have no fear.
These are the things which you are to do:
Let every man say what is true to his neighbour;
and let your judging[in courts]
give peace in your towns.
Let no one have any evil thought
in his heart against his neighbour;
and have no love for [perjury]false oaths:
for all these things are hated by me, says [ADONAI].
This is what [ADONAI-Tzva’ot]
the Lord of armies has said:
The times of going without food
in the fourth, fifth, seventh, and tenth months,
will be for the people of Judah[house of Y’hudah]
times of joy and happy meetings;
so be lovers of good faith and of peace
[love truth and peace].
It will again come about that
when peoples and those living in great towns come,
21And the people of one town {will} go to another
and say,
Let us certainly go with a request for
grace from the Lord [ADONAI’s favor]
and to give worship to the Lord of armies,
[consult ADONAI-Tzva’ot]
then I will go with you.[I’ll go too.]
And[Yes,] great[many] peoples
and strong[powerful] nations will come to
give worship to the Lord of armies in Jerusalem
[consult ADONAI-Tzva’ot in Yerushalayim]
and to make requests for grace from the Lord
[ask ADONAI’s favor].
This is what [ADONAI-Tzva’ot]  has said:
In those days, ten men from[a place knowing]
all the languages of the nations
will put out their hands and
take a grip of the skirt[cloak] of
him who is a Jew,
We will go with you,
for it has come to our ears that God is with you.

zechariah 14:9,16(520 B.C)
See, a day of [ADONAI] the Lord is coming
when they will make division of your goods
[your plunder, Yerushalayim]
taken by force before your eyes.
For I will get all the nations together
to make war against [Yerushalayim] Jerusalem;
and the town will be overcome
(goods and women taken by force):
and half the town taken away as prisoners, …
Then [ADONAI] will go out
and make war against those nations,
as he did in the day of the fight.
And in that day his feet will be on the Mount of Olives,
which is opposite Jerusalem on the east,
[to the east of Yerushalayim]
and the Mount of Olives will be parted in the middle
to the east and to the west,
forming a very great valley;
and half the mountain will be moved to the north
and half of it to the south.
And the valley will be stopped … and you will go in flight
as you went in flight from the
earth-shock {earthquake, bombing}
in the days of [‘Uziyah] Uzziah, king of [Y’hudah] Judah:
[then ADONAI my God] will come,
and all his holy ones with him.
And in that day there will be no heat or cold or ice;
[neither bright light nor thick darkness]
And it will be unbroken day,
such as [ADONAI] has knowledge of,
without change of day and night,
and even at nightfall it will be light.
And on that day living[fresh] waters
will go out from [Yerushalayim];
half of them flowing to the sea on the east
and half to the sea on the west:
in summer and in winter it will be so.
And [ADONAI] will be King over all the earth:
in that day there will be one Lord
and his name one[the only name].
And all the land will become like the [‘Aravah] Arabah,
from [Geva]Geba to Rimmon [in the Negev]
south of [Yerushalayim];
and she[Yerushalayim] will be lifted up
and be living in her place;
from [Binyamin’s Gate] the doorway of Benjamin
to the place of the first doorway [where the earlier gate stood,]
to the doorway of the angle [the Corner Gate,]
and from the [Tower of Hanan’el] to the king’s [winepresses],
men will be living in her.
And there will be no more curse;
but [Yerushalayim] will be living without fear of danger.
And this will be the disease which [ADONAI] will send
on all the peoples which have been
warring against [Yerushalayim]:
their flesh will be wasted away [very quickly]
while they are on their feet,
their eyes will be wasted in their heads
and their tongues in their mouths.
And it will be on that day that a great fear
will be sent among them from [ADONAI];
and everyone will take his neighbour’s hand,
and every man’s hand
will be lifted against his neighbour’s.
And even [the kingdom of Y’hudah]
will be fighting against [Yerushalayim, one of its own cities];
( in modern times, Y’hudah = Israel,
and Jerusalem is seen as international
being shared or contested by many faiths)
and the wealth (gold, silver, and clothing)
of all the nations round about
will be massed together .
(the same flesh wasting affects the transport beasts),
And it will come about that
everyone who is still living,
of all those nations who came against
[Yerushalayim, {the international Holy city}],
will go up from year to year
to give worship to the King,
the [ADONAI-Tzva’ot] Lord of armies
and to keep the [festival of Sukkot] feast of tents.
(After the destruction of the Second Temple
and until the building of the Third Temple,
the actual pilgrimage
is no longer obligatory upon Jews,
and no longer takes place on a national scale.)

isaiah 45:23
21 Let them stand and present their case!
Indeed, let them take counsel together.
Who foretold this long ago, announced it in times gone by?
Wasn’t it I, ADONAI? There is no other God besides me,
a just God and a Savior; there is none besides me.
Give the word, put forward your cause,
[Let them stand and present their case!]
let us have a discussion together:
who has given news of this in the past?
who made it clear in early times?
did not I, [ADONAI]?
and there is no God but me;
a true God and a saviour; there is no other.
Let your hearts be turned to me,
so that you may have salvation, all the ends of the earth:
for I am God, and there is no other.
By myself [In the name of myself]
have I taken an oath,
a true word has gone from my mouth, and will not be changed,
that to me every knee will be bent,
and every tongue will give honour.

isaiah 66:23
And it will be, that
from new moon to new moon, [Every month on Rosh-Hodesh]
and from Sabbath to Sabbath, [every week on Shabbat]
all flesh [everyone living] will come to give worship
before me,[in my presence] says [ADONAI].

jeremiah 31:33 [see above]
(I will make a new agreement
with the people of Israel and Judah;
not written on Moses’ tablets
but directly in their hearts)

ezekiel 38:23
And it will come about in that day,
when Gog comes up against the land of [Isra’el],
says [Adonai ELOHIM],
that my wrath will come up,
and my passion and my bitter feeling.
For in the fire of my wrath I have said,
[In my jealousy,] Truly,
in that day there will be a great shaking
in the land of [Isra’el];
So that the fish of the sea and the birds of heaven
and the beasts of the field
and everything moving on the earth,
and all the men who are on the face of the earth,
will be shaking before me,
and the mountains will be overturned
and the high places will come down,
and every wall will come falling down to the earth.
And I will [summon great powers] send to all my mountains
for a sword against him, says [Adonai ELOHIM]:
every man’s sword will be against his brother.
And I will take up my cause against him
with disease and with blood;
and I will send down on him and on his forces
and on the peoples who are with him,
an overflowing shower and great [hailstones],
fire, and burning[sulfur].
And I will make my name great
and make myself holy,
and I will make myself clear
to [many]a number of nations;
and they will be certain that I am [ADONAI].

psalm 86:9
In the day of my trouble I send up my cry to you;
for you will give me an answer.
There is no god like you, O Lord;
[none like you among the gods]
there are no works like your works.
Let all the nations whom you have made
come and give worship to you, [Adonai]O Lord,
giving glory to your name.

zephaniah 3:9(641-610 B.C.)
[Seek ADONAI] Make search for the Lord,
all you [humble]quiet ones [in the land]of the earth,
who have done what is right in his eyes;
make search for righteousness and a quiet heart:
it may be that you will be safely covered
in the day of [ADONAI]’s wrath.
For Gaza[‘Azah] will be given up[abandoned]
and Ashkelon will become waste:
they will send Ashdod out in the middle of the day,
and Ekron[‘Ekron] will be uprooted.
Sorrow to the people living by the sea,
the nation of the [K’reti]Cherethites!
The word of [ADONAI] is against you,
[Kena’an]O Canaan, the land of the [P’lishtim]Philistines;
I will send destruction on you till there is no one living in you.
And the land by the sea will be grass-land,
with houses for keepers of sheep and walled places for flocks.
The land by the sea will be for the
[remnant of the house of Y’hudah]
rest of the children of Judah;
by the sea they will give their flocks food:
in the houses of Ashkelon they will take their rest in the evening;
for [ADONAI] their God will
[remember them] take them in hand
and [restore their fortunes]
their fate will be changed.
… 2:13
And his hand will be stretched out against the north,
for the destruction of [Ashur]Assyria{present-day Iraq}
and he will make [Ninveh]Nineveh
unpeopled, and dry like the waste land
{largest city in the world, destroyed in 612BC}.
And herds will take their rest in the middle of her,
all the beasts of the valley:
the pelican and the porcupine will make their
living-places on the tops of its pillars;
[will roost on her columns]
the owl [voices] will be
[screeching] crying in the window;
the [jackdaws]raven will be seen on the doorstep.
This is the town which was [once so] full of joy,
living without fear of danger,
saying in her heart, I am, and there is no other:
how has she been made waste,
a place for beasts to take their rest in!
everyone who goes by her
will make hisses, waving his hand.
I have had the nations cut off,
their [battlements] towers are broken down;
I have made their streets a waste (unused even by foot):
destruction has overtaken their towns,
so that there is no man living in them.
I said, Certainly you will go in fear of me,
and come under my training,
so that whatever I may send on her
may not be cut off before her eyes:
but they [eagerly] got up early
and made all their works evil.
For this reason, go on waiting for me, says [ADONAI],
till the day when I come up as a witness:
for my purpose is to send for the nations
and to get the kingdoms together,
so that I may let loose on them my passion,
even all my burning wrath:
for all the earth will be burned up
in the fire of my bitter passion.
For then I will give the people a clean language,
so that they may all [have pure lips
to] make prayer to the Lord
[call on the name of ADONAI]
and be his servants with one mind.

criterion# all Jewish will be in Israel:
. when the Messiah is reigning as king of israel
the Jewish people will be ingathered
from the 2000-year exile,
and will return to Israel, their homeland .
. jesus has never reigned as king,
and the jewish people have yet to return .

criterion# temple rebuilt:
. the holy temple in jerusalem will be rebuilt;
that temple was still standing in jesus day .

isaiah 2: 2..3,
2 And it will come about in the
last days, [acharit-hayamim]
that the mountain of the Lord
[ADONAI’s house]
will be placed on the top of the mountains,
[established as the most important mountain]
and be lifted up over the hills;
[be regarded more highly than the other hills]
and all nations [Goyim] will come to it.
3 And the[Many] peoples will say, Come,
and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
[the mountain of ADONAI]
to the house of the God of Jacob [Ya’akov]:[!]
and he will give us knowledge of his ways,
and we will be guided by his word;
[we will walk in his paths]
for out of Zion the law will go out,
[out of Tziyon will go forth Torah]
and the word of the Lord [ADONAI]
from Jerusalem [Yerushalayim] .

isaiah 56:6..7
6 And as for those from a strange country,[foreigners]
who are joined to the Lord, [who serve ADONAI]
to give worship to [ADONAI]
and give honour[love] to ADONAI’s name,
to be his servants,[workers]
even everyone who keeps the Sabbath holy,
[keeps Shabbat and does not profane it,]
and keeps his agreement with me
[holds fast to my covenant]:
7 I will make them come to my holy mountain,
and will give them joy in my house of prayer;
I will take pleasure in [will accept]
the burned offerings [burnt offerings and sacrifices]
which they make on my altar:
for my house will be named a
house of prayer for all peoples.

isaiah 60: 7
7 All the flocks of Kedar will come together to you,
the sheep of Nebaioth [rams of N’vayot]
will be ready for your need;
they will be pleasing offerings on my altar,
and my [glorious]house of prayer
will be beautiful[glorified].

isaiah 66: 20;
20 And they will take your countrymen[kinsmen]
out of all the nations for an offering to
the Lord,[ADONAI]
on horses, and in carriages[chariots], and in carts[wagons],
and on asses[mules], and on camels,
to my holy mountain Jerusalem,[Yerushalayim]
says the Lord,[ADONAI]
[just] as the children of Israel[the people of Isra’el]
[themselves] take their offering in a clean vessel
into the house of the Lord.[ADONAI]

ezekiel 37:26..27;
26 And I will make
an agreement[covenant] of peace with them:
it will be an eternal[everlasting] agreement with them:
and I will have mercy on them[give to them]
and make their numbers great,
and will put my holy place[sanctuary]
among them for ever.
27 And my House[home] will be over[with] them;
and I will be to them a God,[be their God]
and they will be to me a people.[be my people]

malachi 3:4;
4 Then the offering of Judah[Y’hudah]
and Jerusalem[Yerushalayim]
will be pleasing to the Lord,[ADONAI]
as in days gone by, and as in past years.

zechariah 14:20..21
20 On that day
all the bells of the horses will be holy to the Lord,
[“Consecrated to ADONAI” will be written on the bells]
and the [cooking]pots in the
Lord’s house[house of ADONAI]
will be [holy]like the [sprinkling]basins before the altar.
21 And every [cooking] pot in
Jerusalem[Yerushalayim] and in Judah[Y’hudah]
will be holy to the Lord of armies:
[consecrated to ADONAI-Tzva’ot]
and all those who make [sacrifice]offerings
will come and take them[the pots]
for boiling[stewing] their [meat]offerings:
in that day
there will be no more traders[merchants]
in the house of the Lord of armies
[the house of ADONAI-Tzva’ot].

criterion# world-wide peace:
. there will be world-wide peace:
universal disarmament;
and a complete end to war .
. and there will be peace ever after,
hardly true of the post-christ era .
–[ this seems like a contradiction,
but when we assume
mutually assured destruction is needed
for peace via equalization of power,
this is only true when there is an
inability to know when weapons are being made .
. if we could know what everyone was doing,
we would never need weapons;
because, we would know when there was
a looming power differential,
and we would also know
when there was unhappiness
and we would not ignore it .]

micah 4: 1-4;
But in the last days[the acharit-hayamim]
it will come about that the mountain of
the Lord’s[ADONAI’s] house
will be placed on the top of the mountains,
[established as the most important]
and be lifted up over
[regarded more highly than] the hills;
and peoples will be flowing to it.
And a number of nations[Many Gentiles]
will go and say,
[@] (and the rest is a repeat of isaiah 2: 3:)
Come, and let us go up to the mountain of
the Lord,[ADONAI]
and to the house of the God of Jacob[Ya’akov];[!]
and he will give us knowledge of his ways,
and we will be guided by his word;
[we will walk in his paths]
for out of Zion the law will go out,
[out of Tziyon will go forth Torah]
and the word of the Lord [ADONAI]
from Jerusalem [Yerushalayim] .
And he will be judge between great peoples,
[judge between many peoples]
and strong nations far away
will be ruled by his decisions;
[arbitrate for many distant nations]
their swords will be hammered into plough-blades
and their spears into vine[pruning]-knives:
nations will no longer be
lifting up their swords against one another,
and knowledge of war will have gone for ever.
But[Instead] every man[each person]
will be seated under his vine
and under his fig-tree,
and no one will be a cause of fear to them:
for the mouth of the Lord of armies has said it
[the mouth of ADONAI-Tzva’ot has spoken].

hoseah 2:20;
I will take you as my bride[betroth you]
in good faith,[in faithfulness]
and you will have knowledge of the Lord
[you will know ADONAI].

isaiah 2:1-4,
The word which Isaiah,[Yesha’yahu]
the son of Amoz,[Amotz]
saw about Judah[Y’hudah]and Jerusalem[Yerushalayim]:
And it will come about in the
last days, [acharit-hayamim]
that the mountain of the Lord
[ADONAI’s house]
will be placed on the top of the mountains,
[established as the most important mountain]
and be lifted up over the hills;
[be regarded more highly than the other hills]
and all nations [Goyim] will come to it.
And the[Many] peoples will say, Come,
and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
[the mountain of ADONAI]
to the house of the God of Jacob [Ya’akov]:[!]
and he will give us knowledge of his ways,
and we will be guided by his word;
[we will walk in his paths]
for out of Zion the law will go out,
[out of Tziyon will go forth Torah]
and the word of the Lord [ADONAI]
from Jerusalem [Yerushalayim] .
4  [@] (compare micah 4: 3:)
And he will be judge between the nations,
and the peoples will be ruled by his decisions
[he will arbitrate for many peoples.]:
And he will be the judge between the nations,
and their swords will be
turned[hammered] into plough-blades,
and their spears into vine[pruning]-knives:
no longer will the nations be
turning their swords against one another,
and the knowledge of war will be gone for ever.
[they will no longer learn war].

isaiah 60:18
Violent acts will no longer be
seen[heard] in your land,
wasting[desolation] or destruction
in your limits; [within your borders]
but[instead] your walls will be
named[thought of as] Salvation,
and your doors[gates] Praise.

criterion#descendent of David’s Solomon
. the messiah must be a member of the tribe of judah
and direct descendent (via male lineage)
of both kings David and Solomon[a son of David]
[ie, the lineage must be from Solomon, not just David;
JC’s possible lineage is via only David or no relation at all .]
christians claim jesus is not of this lineage .
[. actually, the text is ambiguous with symbolism …]

genesis 49: 10
The [scepter]rod of authority
will not be taken from [Y’hudah]Judah,
and he will not be without a law-giver
[the ruler’s staff from between his legs],
till he comes who has the right to it[messiah],
and the peoples will put themselves under his rule.

2 samuel 7:12-14
And when the time comes for you to go
to rest with your [ancestors]fathers,
I will put in place your seed
[one of your descendants will succeed you],
the offspring of your body,
[one of your own flesh and blood]
and I will make his kingdom strong
[set up his rulership].
He will be the builder of a house for my name,
and I will make the seat of his authority
certain for ever
[establish his royal throne forever].
I will be to him a father
and he will be to me a son:
if he does wrong, I will give him
punishment with the rod of men
and with the blows of the children of men;
[just as everyone gets punished;]

1 chronicles 22:9-10
But you will have a son who will be
a man of rest;
and I will give him rest from
wars on every side.
His name [is to be Shlomo]will be Solomon,
and [during his reign] in his time
I will give [Isra’el] [Hebrew`shalom] peace
and quiet;
[it is Shlomo who will be]
the builder of a house for my name;
he will be to me a son,
and I will be to him a father;
and I will make the [throne]seat
of his [kingdom]rule over [Isra’el]Israel
certain for ever.

numbers 1:1-18
And the Lord[ADONAI] said to Moses[Moshe]
in the waste land[Desert] of Sinai,
in the Tent of meeting, on the day 2.2.1AE[After Egypt],
Take the full number [a census] of
the children of Israel,
[entire assembly of the people of Isra’el]
by their families,
and by their fathers’ houses,[clans]
every male by name;
[men are to be both counted and named]
All those of twenty years old and over,
who are able to go to war in Israel,[Isra’el]
are to be numbered by you and Aaron.[Aharon]
[enumerate them company by company.]
And to give you help, take one man from every tribe,
the head of his father’s house. [a clan head]
5These are the names of those who are to be your helpers:
from Reuben[Re’uven],
Elizur[Elitzur], the son of Shedeur[Sh’de’ur];

7 From Judah[Y’hudah],
Nahshon[Nachshon], the son of Amminadab[‘Amminadav];

These are the men named out of
all the people[the assembly],
chiefs of their fathers’ houses[clans],
heads of the tribes of Israel [of thousands in Isra’el].
And Moshe and Aharon took these men, marked out by name;
And they got together all the people on [2.1]
and everyone made clear[their genealogies by]
his family and his father’s house[clans],
by the number of the names, from twenty years old and over.

matthew 1:18-20
Now the birth of Jesus Christ[Yeshua the Messiah]
was in this way:
when his mother Mary[Miryam]
was going to be married to Joseph[Yosef],
before they came together[were married]
the discovery was made that she was
with child by the Holy Spirit
[pregnant from the Ruach HaKodesh].
And Yosef, her husband[husband-to-be],
being an upright man, and
not desiring to make her a public example,
had a mind to put her away[break the engagement] privately[quietly].
But when he was giving thought to these things,
an angel of [ADONAI]the Lord
came to him in a dream, saying, Yosef, son of David,
have no fear of taking Miryam as your wife;
because that which is in her body
is of [Ruach HaKodesh] the Holy Spirit.
. christians were telling a story about perceptions;
it’s assumed the pregnancy comes from a
but the story is also compatable with
another interpretation that makes a different assumption:
the husband-to-be had the child before marriage;
and, he could have lied and said she was adulterous,
or he could have lived with his own mistake
knowing that the Spirit that drove his passion
never really makes mistakes,
just inconvenient changes in the plan .]

criterion# foundational:
. one foundational example of what a messiah is
can be found in ezekiel 37: 24-28
And my servant David will be king over them;
and they will all have one keeper[shepherd]:
and they will be guided by my orders
{ walk in my ordinances
, live by my rulings}
and will keep my rules and do them.
{ keep My statutes and observe them
, keep and observe my regulations}
And they will[shall] be living in the land
which I gave to Jacob[Ya’akov], my servant,
in which your [ancestors]fathers were living;
and they will go on living there,
they and their children
and their children’s children,
for ever:
and David, my servant,
will be their ruler{leader,prince}
for ever.
I will make an agreement[covenant] of peace with them:
it will be an eternal agreement with them:
and I will have mercy on them
and make their numbers great,[multiply them]
and will put my holy place[set My sanctuary]
among them for ever [in their midst forever].
And my House{home, tabernacle} will[shall] be
over them;[with them]
and I will be to them a God[be their God],
and they will be to me a people[be my people].
And the nations will be certain[know]
that I [am ADONAI,]
who make Israel holy am the Lord,
{ who sets Isra’el apart as holy
, who sanctifies Israel }
when my holy place[sanctuary]
is among them {with them, in their midst}
for ever.

criterion# not following a new god:
. even if we had proof that Jesus performed miracles,
this is not proof of being the Messiah
— even false prophets can have the ability
to perform supernatural miracles .
. but from what I’ve seen of the New Testament,
rabbi Skobac misrepresents Jesus
as he quotes deuteronomy 13:2-6,
confusing Jesus with his followers:
ie, while it’s true he gave us many “signs”,
he never used the resulting clout for
luring his fellow Jews to a new god;
quite the contrary!
he was nailed for claiming
that the religious leadership of his day
— some other rabbis around him —
were not being true to the god .
. it’s also true that Jesus himself broke rules,
such as skipping of ritual hand-washing,
but was that g-d’s law or leadership’s ?
certainly, he never lured anyone else
to break g-d’s laws .
. however,
when you read deuteronomy 13:2-6,
notice that while you are required
to be stoning most false prophets,
even when they are relatives,
you don’t need to punish your own parents;
like parents are always right?
well, yea; and guess what?
so is the rabbi majority!
. I suspect rabbi Skobac may have a good point:
the spirit of deuteronomy 13 is to
define a false prophet as anyone who
causes disunity among the Jewish people;
and, Jesus certainly did do that .]

deuteronomy 13:2-6
If ever you have among you
a prophet or a dreamer of dreams
and he gives you a sign or a wonder,
And the sign or the wonder takes place,
[comes about as he predicted]
and he says to you,
Let us go after other gods, {cultures?}
which are strange to you, and give them worship;
Then give no attention to the words of that prophet
or that dreamer of dreams:
for [ADONAI] your God is testing you,
to see if all the love of your heart and [being]soul
is given to him.
But keep on in the ways of [ADONAI] your God,
fearing him and [obeying his mitzvot]orders,
and hearing his voice,
[serving]worshipping him
and [clinging]being true to him.
And that prophet or that dreamer of dreams
is to be put to death;
for his words were said with the purpose of
turning you away from [ADONAI] your God,
who took you out of the land of Egypt
and made you free from the prison-house
[redeemed you from a life of slavery];
and of [seducing] forcing you
out of the way in which [ADONAI] your God
has given you orders to go.
So you are to put away the [wickedness]evil
from among you.
If your (closest relatives besides your parents)
or the friend who is as dear to you as your life,
working on you secretly says to you,
Let us go and give worship to other gods,
strange to you and to your fathers;
Gods of the peoples round about you, near or far,
from one end of the earth to the other;
Do not be guided by him or give attention to him;
have no pity on him or mercy, and give him no cover;
But put him to death without question;
let your hand be the first
stretched out against him to put him to death,
and then the hands of all the people.
Let him be stoned with stones till he is dead;
because it was his purpose to make you
false to [ADONAI] your God,
who took you out of the land of Egypt, out of the prison-house.
And all [Isra’el], hearing of it,
will be full of fear,
and no one will again
do such [wickedness]evil as this
among you.


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