bloodmoon tetrads and 2014-2015

2013.4.1: relig/judaism/
lunar eclipse tetrads on Jewish holidays

. a Jewish-holy or holiday tetrad is defined as
four sequential full “blood-red” lunar eclipses
with no intervening partial lunar eclipses
that occur on the first and last Jewish holy days
Passover and Sukkoth .

. every time a Jewish-holy tetrad has happened,
it’s been important to Israel’s history;
what follows is a list of the Jewish-holy tetrads
with their significance to Israel or Judaism
along with some related history briefs
( there are many events significant to Israel
which are not occurring in a Holiday Tetrad year;
those who were significant to Israel include
christians, muslims, and communists ).

4.13 .. 7.1: tetrads since 2nd Temple’s demise:

162-163 tetrad

Israel’s conquerers meet their successor:
. in 136, the Romans conquered Jerusalem’s Temple,
and Jews had been expelled from the holy mountain;
just decades later,
the Germanic tribes launched raids along the
northern border of the Roman empire,
particularly into Gaul and across the Danube.
A first invasion was repulsed in 162;
but, this was the beginning of the end
for Israel’s conquerers .
. also, the Antonine Plague killed 2 Roman Emperors.

795-796 tetrad

Muslims out, Vikings in;
and, the Marca Hispanica is built
to wall-out muslims from Charlemagne:
. Charlemagne began to conquer the former Visigoth states
which had been captured by the Muslims .
By 795 AD, Charlemagne had created the Marca Hispanica,
a buffer zone between modern day France and Spain
to defend the Frankish Kingdom in Northern Europe
from Islamic invasions of the Moors.
. The start of the Viking Age, in 793,
began with the sack of Lindisfarne,
and coincided with Charlemagne’s Saxon Wars,
or Christian wars against pagans in Saxony.
The Vikings who invaded western and eastern Europe
were chiefly pagans from Denmark, Norway and Sweden;
in 795, Vikings raided the northern coast of Ireland.

842-843 tetrad

Charlemagne divided, vatican betrayed:
. Muslims planned to sack Rome and loot the Vatican;
Arab Saracens invaded the vatican’s city, Sicily;
by 846, the raiders had pillaged the holy shrines,
including St. Peter’s basilica.
Contemporary historians believe it was inside job:
[either a spy, or a supernatural remote viewing?].
. a three year civil war (840–843) led directly to
the breakup of the Charlemagne’s Frankish Empire,
and laid the foundation for the development of
modern France and Germany.

860-861 tetrad

Muslims win big and then lose big;
also, Islam divided spells assassination spree:

. the Byzantine Empire was predominantly Greek-speaking
with its capital in the city of Constantinople;
and, it was a continuation of the Roman Empire,
but with Christianity as the state religion .
. in 860 the Byzantines were devastated by Muslims,
and were also attacked by the Rus (Pagans);
but, in 863, the Christians gained a huge victory:
eliminating the main threats to their borderlands,
and starting the era of Byzantine ascendancy in the East .

. this seemed to be the start also of
The Great Schism
that had the Latin (“Roman Catholic”) West
being separated from the
Byzantine (“Greek Orthodox”) East .

861 begins “Anarchy at Samarra”:
. the candidates for the Abbasid Caliphate,
(3rd successor to The Prophet Muhammad)
were descended from an uncle of the Prophet;
these candidates were challenged by the Umayyads
who were descended from elites .
. rival military groups grasping for power
assassinated 4 caliphs in rapid succession;
some were killed for trying to require that
only non-military titles can hold political office .

what’s up Shia:

. Sunni Islam stipulates that Islam’s head
should be elected by Shura — elected representatives.
whereas, Shia Islam believe the head should be
a decendant of The Final Prophet, Muhammad .
. Ali was a blood relative of Muhammad’s
and was married to Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah.
Muhammad had designated Ali as his successor.
. by 656 was Ali reluctantly allowed to rule
(he was the Shia’s first imam,
and Sunni’s fourth caliph);
but then in 661 he was assassinated
while prostrating in prayer (sujud);
so, Muawiyah then claimed the caliphate,
and expected his son to inherit it too .
. Ali’s faction expected otherwise:
rule should be returned the Prophet’s line;
but, Husayn (Ali’s younger son, and an imam)
was assassinated in the Battle of Karbala .

what’s up Twelver:

. during the rise of the Abbasid, in 750,
the Imamiyyah or Twelver Shia emerged
with the declaration that,
at any given time, whether in power or not,
one male descendant of Ali and Fatimah
would be the divinely appointed imam
and the sole authority on matters of faith and law.
Adherents of Twelver Shī’ism believe
there have been 12 divinely ordained Imāms,
all blood relations of a previous Imām,
with the 12th one being ibn-al-Hasan, born 869,
who they also recognize as being
the mahdī “Guided One”
who was placed into occultation (hiding) in 941,
and will return to power when Isa (Jesus) does
in order to bring peace and justice to the world.
. Followers of Sunni Islam, on the other hand,
believe that the Mahdi hasn’t been born yet .

summary of Islam’s division:

. Islam was a empire-building military machine
and thus agreed it should have a single head,
just as the Catholics demanded a Pope,
but they disagreed on political structure:
the Shia has a royal party (rule is inherited)
or if that bloodline was completely murdered,
then rulers pick their own successor;
the Sunni would be an elitist or illuminati party
selecting a successor by merit, influence,
or loyalty to the influential .

1493-1494 tetrad

catastrophe for Iberian Jews;
and, beginning of the Italian Renaissance:

On 4 March 1493,
Columbus completed a round trip to the New World;
so, during the tetrad he was publishing his finds
(live First Native Americans were part of the show).

Alhambra Decree is implemented:
. in the 1700’s, the Sunni’s Umayyad Caliphate
had conquered and settled most of
the Iberian Peninsula [Spain and Portugal].
Jews, who had lived there since Roman times,
were considered to be “People of the Book”
and therefore thrived under Muslim rule:
Jewish immigration around Islam flourished,
and their enclaves were known as
places of learning and commerce.
. but this would be shattered by the Reconquista:
Catholic Christianity was gradually
reconquering the Iberian region .
. Jews stayed by converting to Catholicism;
but were often accused of being crypto-Jews .
. In 1492, the Reconquista was completed:
the Treaty of Granada’s terms of surrender
had included protections for the Jewish population;
but the Catholic leaders Ferdinand and Isabella
ignored that treaty,
and instead implemented the Alhambra Decree’s
Inquisitional Castilian and Aragonite persecution
which ordered the expulsion of Jews .

Renaissance is full-steam by 1493:
. Gutenberg’s movable-type printing system
spread rapidly across Europe,
from the single Mainz printing press in 1457
to 110 presses by 1480 .
. the printing press was the beginning of
democratization of knowledge and justice .

1490’s were the end of Daniel’s 70 weeks:
. the Bible’s book of Daniel has a famous verse
which puts a date on an end to evil-doing;
but it depends on how you interpret “seven’s”;
and, by referring to the years of a 7th planet,
the date is set at the 1480’s,
when printing became widespread .
. Columbus’s 1493 advertizing of the New World
also did much to spread the press globally .

. the 70 weeks of Daniel 9:24:

. in the next 70 * 7’s,
your people and your holy town
will be transformed:
wrongdoing will be complete;
sin will come to its full limit;
evil-doing will be cleared away;
and, eternal righteousness will come in:
so that the vision and the word of the prophet
may be stamped as true,
and a most holy place will be annointed .
… from the time of Jerusalem’s
[first destruction, 588 BC,

and hence the word to rebuild its Temple;
but, this assumes the order to rebuild
was the same time as the destruction:
some refer us to Nehemiah 2:1:
Nehemiah, the Jewish cupbearer to King Artaxerxes,
obtained a decree to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem
on March 5, 444 BC .]

details of a 7th-planet year:
. if a “week” equal’s a 7th-planet year,
then Daniel’s 70 Weeks ended in the 1480’s
(Saturn is the 7th humanly visible planet
if considering that the asteroid belt
was actually the 5th planet in Biblical times).
. 10832 earth days in a saturn year
/ 365.25 earth days in earth year
= 29.6564 earth years for a saturn year .
. 29.6564 *70 = 2075.948 years .
. 2075.948 years – 588 BC = 1480’s AD .

1558, Nostradamus` The Prophecies:
. Michel de Notredame (1503-1566),
descended from Jewish scholars;
his family got Christianized in 1502 .
. some say The Prophecies predicted 9/11
and hinted that WWIII starts in Iran .

history relevant to Israel or Communism

1814.9, Congress of Vienna:
. Russia and European countries talked,
trying to pick up the pieces after the
many years of Napoleonic wars;
and, the Rothschilds were Jewish bankers
who had financed most of these wars;
therefore, most countries were agreeable to
letting Rothschilds run their national bank;
but Rothschilds weren’t getting cooperation
from Russian tsar Alexander I;
so, they vowed to end his Romanov dynasty .
. the Rothschilds would be influential
in both creating the state of Israel,
and infecting Russia with communism .

1851, Taiping Rebellion:
. Britain invaded China’s market
with highly-addictive smokable opium;
but, they were welcomed by the elite;
so, the communist Christians fought the elite .
. the British public was confused by China;
because Brits used that same opium
to make a drinkable form of it,
that was so safe they gave to babies;
only the smokable form was unhealthy .
. Britain would be key to creation of Israel,
and everyone thought this would be healthy,
just like drinkable opium .

1869, Suez Canal was opened:
. financed by France and Egypt,
this canal dramatically reduced shipping costs
between Europe and its trading partners:
India, China, Japan, and many others;
but most importantly, the middle east,
with its increasingly valuable oil trade .
. Egypt is on Israel’s southern border;
and, relations sour over the Canal .

1875, Britain partially controls Canal:
. as a result of debt and financial crisis,
the Egyptian ruler was forced to sell his
shares in the canal operating company .

1882, Britain invades Egypt:
. with military control of the Canal region,
Britain could use the Canal’s advantage
to win important future wars;
conversely, without control of the Canal,
Britain was extremely vulnerable,
because its economy was heavily dependent upon
competitively priced global trade,
and that canal was key to cheap shipping .

1888.10.29, Convention of Constantinople:
. declared the canal a neutral zone
under British protection.
. the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and Europe,
agreed to permit international shipping
in times of both war and peace.

1904, Russian-Japanese War:
. Japan is fighting for control of Korea,
and the land above it, Manchuria;
both are very close to Japan, and thus
important as military paths to invading Japan .
. Britain used Canal control against Russia;
Russia soon sees reason to befriend Britain .

1905, the seed of Communism:
. the Russian peasants are very unhappy,
with many mutinies by the soldiers,
which led to the monarchy being limited by
a constitution supporting a parliament
or State Duma of the Russian Empire,
elected by a multi-party system .
. it still gave royalty plenty of rope,
and they did hang themselves with it soon .

1908.6.30, Tesla weapon tested on Tunguska:
. he meant to hit the polar cap,
but instead Siberia got devastated .

1914.7.28, World War I:
. the fighting started with the Triple Entente
(Britain, France and Russia)
attacking part of the Central Powers
(Germany, Austria-Hungary).
. as soon as the Ottoman Empire joined the fight,
Britain was eager to declare war against them;
because, the Ottomans had owned Palestine [Israel],
which was of interest to British Zionists:
. Zionist British cabinet member Herbert Samuel
circulated to his cabinet colleagues
a memorandum entitled The Future of Palestine:

“( I am assured that the solution
of the problem of Palestine
which would be much the most welcome
to the leaders and supporters of the
Zionist movement throughout the world
would be the annexation of [Palestine]
to the British Empire”.)

1915.5.7, Nazis sink USA ship:
. USA still won’t enter the war .

1916, Sykes–Picot Agreement:
. France and Britain agreed secretly that,
after they defeated the Ottoman Empire,
it would be divided between them:
French`syria and British`Iraq
(this division was not split along ethnic lines,
so that Iraq was an ugly mix of Shia and Sunni).
. for the region becoming Israel,
it proposed that an “international administration”
would be established in {Israel, Palestine},
and that the form of the administration would be

“decided upon after consultation with Russia,
and subsequently in consultation with the other allies,
and the representatives of the Sherif of Mecca”.

. Zionists were disappointed with this,
as it seemed their wishes had been passed over.
. William Reginald Hall,
British Director of Naval Intelligence
criticized the agreement on the basis that
“the Jews have a strong material interest,
and a very strong political interest
in the future of the country” … .

1916, Arab rebels assisted by Brits:
. in the Arab Revolt of 1916–1918,
Arabs (arabic-speaking non-Jewish semites)
sought independence from Ottoman Turks
(white, turkish-speaking, Sunni Muslims)
and wanted a single unified Arab state
spanning from Aleppo in Syria to Aden in Yemen.
. WWI was in motion, and many Arabs were taken
for use in fighting wars in foreign lands .
The Arabs wanted more autonomy,
greater use of Arabic in education,
and, in peacetime, the Arab conscripts
should be allowed to serve locally .
. the fight there ended with help from
the enemies of the Ottoman Empire:
the British arrived with decisive weaponry
(rifles, explosives, mortars, and machine guns).

1917.2, Russia’s Communist Revolutions begin:
. Tsar Nicholas II’s Imperial Russia
was fatally weakened by mutiny during WWI;
1917.11.7: Bolshevik Revolution of October:
. the communists gain control of Russia;
and, they would become a superpower,
with much influence over future religious wars
— and Israel .
. communism as a superpower today
serves the same role to Israel
as empires did long ago,
back in the days of Isaiah and Daniel:
the prophets would tell all the sinners
that if they wouldn’t repent,
then god would punish them with invasions;
but this time,
Israel has a superpower of its own:
USA and much of Europe will stand beside Israel
to battle the Communist-backed Muslim empire
( the Muslims were not always against Jews:
there was some corruption of Islam
involving forced conversions or pogroms;
but the original true Islam embraced Jews
until they they implemented Zionism
and united with the Christians
to push Muslims out of Israel ).

1917.4.3, communist Trotsky is captured:
. USA president Wilson refuses to enter the war
unless Trotsky is released into Russia,
apparently part of a plot to communize Russia .

1917.4.6, USA enters WWI:
. Germany would be surprised by USA;
and suspected that Jewish Zionist propaganda
was responsible for USA’s change of heart .

1917.11.2, Balfour Declaration:
. from Britain’s Foreign Secretary Balfour
to a leader of the British Jewish community,
for transmission to the Zionist Federation
of Great Britain and Ireland:

“( His Majesty’s government view with favour
the establishment in Palestine
of a national home for the Jewish people,
and will use their best endeavours to
facilitate the achievement of this object,
it being clearly understood that
nothing shall be done which may
prejudice the civil and religious rights of
existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,
or the rights and political status
enjoyed by Jews in any other country.).

. the Balfour Declaration conflicted with
the recent Sykes–Picot agreement:
Lord Balfour wrote a memorandum
from the Paris Peace Conference
which stated that the other allies had
implicitly rejected the Sykes–Picot agreement
by adopting the system of mandates
which allowed for no annexations, … .
He also stated that
the Allies were committed to Zionism
and had no intention of honoring
their promises to the Arabs.
Eighty-five years later,
in a 2002 interview with The New Statesman,
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw observed:

“( A lot of the problems
we are having to deal with now,
are a consequence of our colonial past. ..
..The Balfour Declaration and the
contradictory assurances which were
being given to Palestinians in private
at the same time as they were being
given to the Israelis
– again, an interesting history for us
but not an entirely honourable one.).

1918.9, USA-UK invades Russia:
. the British War Minister, Churchill,
prevailed upon President Woodrow Wilson
to secure armaments that had been stored there
before the Bolsheviks Revolution took over,
and before Russia’s withdrawal from the war.
… and to fight Lenin’s communist government,
with the support of the Czech Legion .
. Wilson was key to installing the communists .

1918.11.11, Germans surrender:
. the surrender would be made official
by the Treaty of Versailles,
signed on 1919.6.28, but publicized weeks before …

1919.5.4, Treaty of Versailles in Beijing:
. Chinese lands formerly ceded to Germany
(a coastal region the size of Korea)
were, without consultation with the Chinese,
transferred to Japanese control
rather than returned to Chinese sovereignty.
. China was a victim of Japanese expansionism:
France, UK and USA helped Japan take back
what had been given away by a dictator,
the unpopular warlord Duan Qirui .
. the reaction to this on the streets
influenced the development of Moaism,
a form of Marxism that seeks sure peace by
rooting out capitalism, religion, and royalty
in every country, not just your own country .
. the other style of Marxism is
balance of power:
you need only a certain critical mass of power
in order to discourage attacks on your union .
. China’s Moaism was evangelical communism .

1920’s, Nazi’s grow in popularity:
. Germany saw itself as threatened by
international forces like Jewish bankers,
and the spread of communism .

1933, Einstein escapes from Nazis:
. the Nazi’s had a $5000 bounty on his head
— an escaped Jewish intellectual .

1936, Arabs repel UK-Jewish land-grabs:
Israel Partition is seen as unworkable:
. the Peel Commission suggested
partitioning Mandate Palestine
into a Jewish state and an Arab state,
though Brits rejected it as unworkable
and it was partially to blame for the
1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine,
that started with a labor strike that demanded
(1) the prohibition of Jewish immigration;
(2) end transfer of Arab land to Jews;
(3) the establishment of a National Government
responsible to a representative council.
. in other words, a “nationalist” uprising .
. what sort of lands were the Brits giving away
to all these new immigrants? just desert lands?
or park lands and residential units?
. perhaps Arabs were simply realistic,
reading from the same Book of Joshua
and feared a repeat of that story?
. this story is sometimes viewed as being about
Israelites ethnically cleansing the Promised Land;
but it should be viewed as a composite novel:
because, most of humanity, since ancient times,
has solved their economic problems
(due to overpopulations and droughts)
by invading other nations for land or tribute;
funny how history repeats itself .
. you let the immigrants have their way,
and they end up having their way with you .
. and these weren’t any ordinary immigrants:
the UN just called your home their home,
— giving your homeland to “nice” people
who would politely share the place with you .
. SouthWest USA,
please imagine the EU declaring that
USA SouthWest is the home of hispanics,
because really they were here first!
— come one, come all hispanics and Latinos,
just brush aside these silly anglo-Protestants;
they will be no problem because
the god has given their land to you .
. the EU may be right, but you will fight .
. the British army and police had a big job:
2,000 Arabs killed in combat, 108 were hanged,
and 961 died from ‘gang and terrorist activities’.
Over 10% of the adult male, age 20-60,
Palestinian Arab population,
was killed, wounded, imprisoned or exiled.
The Haganah (Hebrew for “defence”),
a Jewish paramilitary organisation,
actively supported British policing efforts;
although not officially recognized by admin’s,
the British security forces cooperated
by forming the Jewish Settlement Police,
Jewish Supernumerary Police,
and Special Night Squads who engaged in
torture or whippings, and executions .

1939 summer, the Atomic Age:
Einstein warns USA of atomic research:
. an ignored group of Hungarian scientists
attempted to alert Washington to
ongoing Nazi atomic bomb research.
. what finally got their attention
was a letter by Einstein, Szilárd, and others .

1939.9.1, World War II:
. Germany was struggling financially
due to heavy costs imposed by WWI;
and Hitler knew that it was Zionists
who had influenced USA into the war,
and that Zionism had defeated Germany;
so then Hitler sarcastically planned to
force all Jews into Zionism — or death .
. Nazism would mean that one’s country is
loyal to just one ethnicity:
Germany would be for blue-eyed Christians,
and Israel would be for the Jews .
. the Jewish law against not killing
was advertized as only a Jewish law
— as not being “Jesus” law
(Hitler promoted “euthanasia”
even when the disabled wanted to live);
also, Jewish families were advertized as
forming monopolistic conspiracies,
that were unfair to German capitalists .
. Germans were urged to defend their ethnicity
against invasions by internationalists
such as the Gypsies and the Jews .
. Hitler used non-“Germans” as slaves,
and allowed rich Jews to escape only by
paying huge fees for a ticket to Palestine
(they were not allowed emmigration to USA).
. when Hitler stopped paying WWI reparations,
killed the unemployables,
and enslaved all the foreigners,
then there was plenty of production capacity
for at least a short war .

1943, Comintern dissolved by Stalin:
. Communism’s honeymoon was over;
it’s time for the usual Fascism .
. Comintern (Communist International)
had represented the anti-war ideals
of the original communism which aimed to
oppose pawning of the Labor class
by “bourgeois” war games .
. internationalists  would say:

” we can trust there will be no fighting
if every laborer knows that every other
will refuse to fight other laborers”

. The Communist Manifesto had stated:

“the working class has no country; …
Proletarians of all countries, unite!”

. now Stalin had dissolved Comintern;
however, there would soon be a ComInform,
pressuring other soviets (socialist states)
to join Stalin’s soviet union, the USSR .

1943.1.7, Tesla dies, father of DEW:

. his writings were impounded by USA’s FBI,
for use in classified programs for
DEW (Directed Energy Weapons).
. the classified part of his work
generated longitudinal EM waves,
likely the basis of his Wardenclyffe Tower
which could transmit wireless electricity,
and was buried as a fraud
just like many other classified technologies
(anti-gravity, free energy, Hutchison effect).
. he thought his greatest invention
was the ‘Magnifying Transmitter’:
it’s a resonant transformer system
that captures 2k-4k amperes from the earth .

1944, George Orwell’s “1984: War is Peace”.
. this book, published in 1949,
was about the world’s Gemini governance,
where, in any type of political structure,
control is actually done by a hidden inner group:

“in accordance with the principles of doublethink,
the aims of the state are simultaneously
recognized and not recognized
by the directing brains of the Inner Party“.

. this could be a reference to the illuminati,
who have infiltrated both superpowers,
and find ways of maintaining perpetual war .
. they depend upon international banking,
so that wars can be charged to a credit card .

1945.5.8, end of Germany’s WWII .

1945.7.26, Potsdam Declaration:
. imperial Japan is warned of doom;
but wasn’t told about atomic energy .
8.6, 8.9: atomic bombs are applied to civilians .
8.15: Japan surrendered to USA;
USSR(Russia) gets half of Japan’s Korea .
( big reminder to be Christian (Luke 6):
if a brother asks for half of your Korea,
give him the other half too ).

1945.11.7, Balfour declaration Anniversary pogroms:

. pogroms in Tripoli Libya and Cairo Egypt,
were marking the 28th anniversary
of the Balfour declaration,
that had forced a Jewish State in Israel .
. a wave of nationalism came from
seeing the Western powers (United Nations)
as meddling in their democratic process
in order to secure peace for Israel .
. entire Jewish communities in Egypt and Libya
had to be abandoned .

1947.7.26, National Security Act:
. USA’s NTK (need to know) policy:
. much of what the CIA knows
does not have to be told to others:
not to congress, not to the president .
. this is a perfect situation for
the gemini control system:
USA is just a puppet of the illuminati,
feeding an inner government
of which it knows nothing about .

1947.9.18, creation of the CIA:
. secretly policing foreigners,
the Special Activities Division (SAD)
of the CIA’S National Clandestine Service
is responsible for covert use of
tactical paramilitary Ops and PsyOps
that install friendly regimes
(a form of colonialism,
as well as a suppression of communism).

1947.9: Cominform(Communist Information Bureau):
. Stalinizing the socialists of the world .

1947.11.29, Arabs fight Partition Plan:
. the United Nations approved the plan
for replacing the British Mandate
with separate states for Arabic and Jewish people,
but only the Jewish community expressed joy:
. the Arab protests quickly turned voilently into
the Arab Jerusalem Riots of 1947,
the 1947 pogroms of Aleppo, Aden,
and Manama .
. Egypt’s Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni
came with the Army of the Holy War,
and organized a blockade of Jerusalem.
. because of the unexpectedly violent reaction,
and the effect it had on the Jewish community,
the USA withdrew support for the Partition plan .
. British supported redrawing the Israeli map:
the Arab part of Palestine would be annexed
by Transjordan (to the east).

1948.3, Haganah Plan Dalet, or Plan D:
. the Haganah, the Jewish underground militia,
had a plan to seize as much territory as possible
before the British Mandate pulled out;
it expanded Jewish areas beyond what was intended
by the UN Partition Plan .
In case of resistance,
the population was to be expelled;
If no resistance was met,
the residents would live under military rule.

1948.5.14 (5 lyar, 5708), Israeli Independence day:

. the British Mandate over Palestine
was about to expire,
and the Jewish People’s Council
had approved a proclamation which declared
the establishment of a Jewish state
in Eretz Israel,
to be known as the State of Israel.
. Israel’s Independence day’s celebration
is Yom Ha’atzmaut (5 Iyar)
according to the Hebrew calendar,
which doesn’t coincide with 5.14
(eg, in 2013, 5 Iyar was on 4.15).

1948.5.15, Arab-Israeli War:
. Israel declared war on various Arab nations
and scared away thousands of Palestinians
(the various Arabs residing in Israel);
and, they became refugees in south Lebanon.
Lebanon is north of Israel and south of Syria;
to the south of Israel is Egypt;
to the east is Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan .
. a few Palestinians with skills and capital
were allowed to reside in cities;
the majority, however were destitute peasants
who were kept in squalid refugee camps .

1948.6.24, Cold War’s Berlin blockade crisis .

1949-1950 tetrad

–[119 Ministries refutes this is a tetrad]–

1949.3.10, Israel is a Jewish nation-state:

. the Tetrad began on Passover (4.13);
the Arab-Israeli War ended 1949.3.10 .
. the 1949 Armistice Agreements
ended the 1948 Arab-Israeli War .
Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan-Iraq signed by March;
Syria signed in July .
. Israel’s Jewish nation-state status
was restored after nearly 2000 years;
however, elsewhere, Jewish life was hard:
by the Yom Kippur War of 1973,
Israel had created Jewish ghost towns
throughout the Arab World,
as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan .

1949.4.4, anti-communist NATO created:
. Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France,
and the United Kingdom …
USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark
— and Iceland joined despite rioters .

1949.8.29, USSR’s first atomic bomb test .

1949.9.19, Britain gutted its currency:
. devalued from $4.03 to $2.80 .

1949.10.1, Communism takes China:

. Mao Zedong’s People’s Liberation Army
— representing international communism —
defeated Chiang Kai-shek’s USA-backed
Kuomintang (KMT) Nationalist Government;
and the Soviet Union promptly created an alliance
with the newly formed People’s Republic of China.

1950.5.25, Tripartite declaration:
. USA, Britain, and France agreed to
limit the Arab – Israeli arms race,
to maintain stability and the free flow of oil,
to neutralize the Arab-Israeli conflict
and, if possible, to convince Arabs and Israelis
to make common cause with the West
against the threat of Soviet encroachment.
. conversely,
the Soviets could undercut the agreement
by arming the Muslims more than Israel .

1950.6, Korean War:
. NATO vs Communism .
. by late 1952, the Chinese and North Koreans
were wanting to end the war;
but, USSR’s Stalin would have to die first .
— war ends in July 1953 .

1953, Britain gets a nuke .

1953.5, Cold War in Egypt:
. when Egypt’s Nasser is asked by USA
to join an anti-Soviet alliance,
Nasser retorted:

“the Soviet Union has never
occupied our territory..
but the British have been here
for seventy years.
How can I go to my people and tell them
I am disregarding a killer with a pistol
sixty miles from me at the Suez Canal
to worry about somebody who is
holding a knife a thousand miles away?” .

1953-’54, Cold War in Israel:
. USA was trying to win Islamic minds,
so it had a new policy of “even-handedness”
where it very publicly sided with Arab states
in several disputes with Israel .
. Under the banner of anti-imperialism,
USSR’s Khrushchev would provide arms to
any left-wing government in the third world
as a way of undercutting Western influence.

1954, communism splits vietnam:
. the French accepted abandonment
of their colonial stake in Vietnam .
. there is a north-south split
over the question of communism .

1955.5.14, communist’s Warsaw Pact:
. USSR, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia,
East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania,
formed a military union balancing NATO .

1954.8, China attacks Taiwan I:
. USA President Harry Truman 1950.1.5
said the USA would stay out of Taiwan;
however, after the Korean War 1950.6.25,
Truman sent the Seventh Fleet of USA Navy
to prevent any conflict from the PRC,
the communists in mainland China .
. China considered it a civil war,
but USA considered Taiwan a separate country,
if not the rightful governor of China .
. the governor in Taiwan maintained as its goal
the recovery of control of mainland China;
but, Truman regarded this goal as unrealizable .

1955, Einstein would redesign Israeli politics:
. he wanted more international control,
until the hostilities simmered down .

1955, anti-communism’s Central Treaty Org:
. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey.
The pact was a defense agreement
endorsed by the UK and the USA
as an anti-communist Cold War strategy,
but was greatly resented by Iraqis in general.
. communist-friendly Egypt saw it as a
challenge to its regional dominance .

1955.9, Egypt armed by Soviets:
. Soviet arms available against Israel
was greeted with rage in the West .
. it also threatened to put an end to
British influence in the oil-rich region.

1955, USA vs communism in Vietnam:
. there was supposed to be an election;
but USA propped up a elitist dictator, Diem,
who rigged the regional elections;
eg, out of a total of 450,000 registered voters,
an astronomical 605,025 voted in favor of Diem!
. Diem proclaimed that the regional vote
obviated the need for national elections
so the 1954 Geneva Accords were ignored .
. after being denied an election,
the communists got aggressive;
on the other hand, what about defending
the 15% who were French Catholic?
that election should have been about
a constitution that protects minorities
and allows socialism without fascism .
. the war spread into Laos, and Cambodia;
communism took Vietnam by 1975.4.30 .

1956.2.25, deStalinization:
. USSR’s Khrushchev shocked his followers
by denouncing Stalin’s dictatorial rule
and his cult of personality.
He also attacked the crimes committed by
Stalin’s closest associates.
Furthermore, he denounced the orthodox view
that assumed the inevitability of war
between capitalists and communists .
He advocated competition with the West
rather than outright hostility;
because, capitalism was not permanent
as it would decay from within .
[ because of overpopulation? ].
. Stalin’s Cominform was dissolved,
but Chinese-USSR relations too
were dissolving .

1956.10, Hungarian Revolution of 1956:
. Hungary students were protesting for
independence from USSR;
but, Eastern European members of USSR
were considered to be a buffer zone
protecting Russia from West Europe .
. Stalin’s spirit was not dead yet .

1956.10.29, Suez Canal crisis:
. Egypt was being armed by communists;
and felt free to “nationalize” the canal
which was owned by Britain and France;
and, there was no obvious response;
but, France and Britain had asked Israel
to do a surprise attack on Egypt;
after which they’d come in to “break it up” .
. Iraq (a Brit puppet) supported the invasion;
whereas, Syria’s military government resisted,
blowing up a major Iraqi oil tanker supply .
. Saudi Arabia imposed a total oil embargo
on Britain and France.
. Canal shipping was halted for months .
. USA proposed Resolution 997 (ES-I)
in the UN’s General Assembly;
calling for a ceasefire, arms embargo,
withdrawal behind the armistice lines,
and the reopening of the Suez Canal .
. the USA had sided with USSR,
to intervene against France, UK, & Israel
— some West Germans were howling .

1958.2.1, United Arab Republic (UAR):
. Egypt and Syria had unified as
the United Arab Republic (UAR).
. this boosted the pan-Arabian movement,
and catalyzed a series of events
that culminated in revolution in Iraq.

1958.7.14, communism takes Iraq’s puppet:
. the Suez Crisis fueled pan-Arabism;
a coup d’état with 3 assassinations
replaced a monarchy backed by the British,
with a socialist-backed, Muslim nationalism .
. the new Iraqi Republic was presided by
a 3-man sovereignty council,
equally representing Iraq’s three cultures:
(Shi’a Arabs, Sunni Arabs, Sunni Kurds).

1958.8, China attacks Taiwan II:
. Communism’s threat to Taiwan became an issue
in the 1960 American Presidential election
when Richard Nixon accused John F. Kennedy
of being unwilling to use nuclear weapons
if China’s communists invaded Taiwan .
[. the anti-communists were termed “Nationalist”;
because, communism was seen as internationalism,
or looking beyond one’s own nation or ethnicity .]
. USSR urged China to not be so aggressive,
worrying about a nuclear confrontation .

1958, Mao’s Great Leap Forward:
. one problem with Chinese communism
was that the peasants were already free:
families owned their own land .
. and they constantly overpopulated,
constantly near starvation,
all to support a family-values tradition .
. Mao talked to the people by models,
having them do non-sense economic activites
as examples of how their own traditions
were being non-sensical .
. if backyard farmers don’t understand
the need to do farming in large cooperatives,
have them do backyard steel recycling .
. if big families don’t understand
the need to keep the population lean,
have them plant seed too close together .
. if the superstitious dwell too much on
possessing land to honor ancestral roots,
have them till the wheat fields 3 feet deep,
as if they were preparing for tree roots .
. Mao also spoke to the world in models:
if the USSR’s loan sharks are secretly getting
tough with you about payment scheduling,
publically expose yourself as being
mercilessly too concerned with extracting profit:
Mao pressed people into communes,
and overtaxed them into starvation
so that there was no energy for protesting,
and plenty of extra grain for exporting,
to fund the new industrialization efforts,
and repay debts owed to the USSR .
. in 3 years, 18-42 million died;
but the China-USSR split hadn’t happened yet;
. the next year, Mao stepped down;
and the year after that, the party was blaming
Moa’s Cult of Personality,
— mocking USSR’s assessment of Stalin:
he had a Cult of Personality?
Mao showed us exactly what Stalin had .
. he had all the muscle,
and his cause was anti-colonialism;
so, you are calling that a cult now ?!
. the USSR fully supported Stalin’s brutality,
and little China goes along because USSR leads;
so, when Stalin is dead,
they’re saying they were as scared as China?!:
they were the ones protecting him!
. USSR was insisting they know good communism,
and then in act II they are laughing us:
“you thought that was good communism?!
that was a brutal cult of personality!”
. some suspect Stalin was an illuminati plant,
someone working for international bankers,
creating wars to profit an elite .
. Moa’s reaction to loan repayment
hints the USSR acted like a loan shark;
and, that’s why Mao called USSR soft:
“why don’t you get tough with USA?!
because you’re illuminati elites
in bed with USA’s illuminati”.

1958.9, France exits NATO .

1958.7, Lebanon Cold War front:
. just as Israel was the UN’s
designated homeland for Jewish people;
Lebanon was designed by the League of Nations
to be a homeland for the christian Maronites;
thus, Lebanon had been dominated by Maronites;
however, the country had many Muslims,
and when Israel expelled many Arabs
their flight to Lebanon created a muslim majority .
. in 1958, Maronites sided with the West
while Left Wing and pan-Arab groups
sided with Soviet-aligned Arab countries .

1959: USA loses Cuba to communism:
. the Cuban Revolution of 1953 to 1959
had replaced a right-wing ally of the USA,
with a leftist party headed by Castro .

1960.1: energetics weapons program:
Khrushchev’s report to the USSR`Presidium:
”We have a new weapon,
just within the portfolio of our scientists,
which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used,
it could wipe out all life on earth.
It is a fantastic weapon.”

1960.4.20, USA-CIA fails to invade Cuba:
. in March, Eisenhower allocated $13.1 million
to have the CIA plan Castro’s overthrow;
president John F. Kennedy later OK’d it .
. the CIA, Mafia, and various Cuban forces,
trained for the mission in Mexico;
the CIA supplied 8 B-26 bombers;
but, Cuba’s ground reaction survived .

1961, the “not NATO or Warsaw Pact” org:
. Fidel Castro said the purpose of
the Non_Aligned_Movement organization
is to ensure “the national independence,
sovereignty, territorial integrity
and security of non-aligned countries
in their struggle against imperialism,
colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism,
and all forms of foreign aggression,
occupation, domination, interference or hegemony
as well as against great power and bloc politics .

1961.8.13: communist’s Berlin Wall:
. the communist Eastern Bloc claimed that
the wall kept out fascist elements;
but, it also prevented massive defections
—  3.5 million emigrated before it was up;
from 1961 to 1989, 600 died trying to escape .

1962.10, Cuban missile crisis:
. Khrushchev placed nukes in Cuba
to deter any future invasion attempts,
and also to neutralize the USA’s
advantage of having missiles in Europe .
. USSR was discouraged from this by 10.28,
and the naval blockade formally ended 11.20 .
. the compromise embarrassed the USSR;
because, the withdrawal of US missiles
from Italy and Turkey was a secret deal;
and, Cuba wanted the Soviets to deal with
the USA Naval Base in Cuba’s Guantánamo;
so, Cuban-Soviet relations deteriorated .
. Khrushchev was replaced 2 years later .

1963.2.8, Iraq taken by Ba’ath Party .
1963.3.8, Syria taken by Ba’ath Party .

1963.4.10, USA submarine destroyed:
. the the U.S.S. Thresher was a nuclear sub
that is believed to have been sunk by
its own failure: a brazed pipe-joint ruptured;
but that is just speculation .
. another theory is that an energetics weapon
induced an electronics failure
so that the sub lost depth motion control,
and imploded after sinking to crush depth .
. the nearby U.S.S. Skylark was also affected:
it’s communications were mysteriously jammed .

1964.6.2, Palestinians organize as PLO:
(Palestine Liberation Organization).
. Palestinians are simply any Arabs
who happened to be living in Israel
when the Jewish Zionists repossessed it .
. Liberation means restoring losses:
the Jewish army confiscated real estate .

1964, China and France get a nuke .

1964.7, China splits from USSR:
. USSR’s new tolerance for capitalism
is denounced as failing Marxism–Leninism .
. see 1958, Mao’s Great Leap Forward .

1964.8.7, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution:
. granted President Lyndon B. Johnson
the authority to assist any Southeast Asian country
whose government was considered to be
jeopardized by “communist aggression”.
. it served as legal justification for
USA going to war with North Vietnam.

1967-1968 tetrad

–[119 Ministries refutes this is a tetrad]–

1967.6, Israel recaptures Jerusalem:

. on the third day of the war, 6.7,
Israeli Defense Forces paratroopers
seized control of the Western Wall,
the remnant of Solomon’s temple.

1968.8.21, the communist’s Prague Spring:

. Czechoslovakia was part of USSR,
but wanted a more liberal communism
with freedom to speak and travel,
and less power for secret police .
. the Warsaw Pact brutally shut them up;
and, that sparked intense protests from
Yugoslavia, Romania, China, and from
Western European communist parties.

1968.9, Brezhnev Doctrine:

. USSR claimed the right to intervene
in any place where Marxism-Leninism
was being replaced by capitalism .
. this justified the Prague Spring crackdown .

1970.9, Black September in Jordan:
. the PLO, under Yasser Arafat,
organizes Israel’s Arab refugees
for control of the trans-Jordan region;
but, they can’t defeat King Hussein:
in 1971.7 the PLO retreated into Lebanon.

1972.2, USA’s Nixon visits China:
. Nixon met Mao Zedong
hoping to open trade relations,
and have peace in Taiwan and Vietnam .

1972.5.26, USA-USSR SALT:
.  Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
come to significant agreement:
an Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty .

1973.8.15, USA pulls out of Vietnam .

1973.9.4, Chile elected Socialism:
. in Chile’s presidential election of 1970,
Salvador Allende became the first
democratically elected Marxist (communist)
to become president of an American country,
despite a CIA smear campaign .

1973.9.11, CIA installs a puppet:
. the USA’s secret military, CIA,
known for having an unlimited secret budget
fueled by dealing drugs with the Mafia,
targeted Chile’s Allende for removal
and undermined his support domestically;
when that didn’t work, a coup d’état did .
. on 9/11 .
. did CIA finance or arm that coup?
anyway, it resulted in a military dictatorship
that did have support from the CIA and DIA
(USA Defense Intelligence Agency).

1973 – 1975, CIA & Iran arm anti-Soviets:
. CIA colluded with their Shah in Iran
to finance and arm Kurdish rebels
against Iraq’s Socialist Ba’ath Party
(Iranians are Shia Muslims,
whereas the Ba’ath Party are Sunnis
who are oppressing Iraqi Shias).
. the 2nd in command was Saddam;
the year before (1972), Saddam had signed a
15-year Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
with the Soviet Union.

1973.10, Yom Kippur War:

. Soviet-backed anti-Israel forces
included Egypt, Syria, Lebanon,
Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,
Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia,
Cuba, and North Korea .
. they launched a joint surprise attack
on Israel during Yom Kippur,
the holiest day in Judaism,
which coincided that year with
the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
. Egypt and Syria crossed ceasefire lines
to enter what had been captured by Israel
during the 1967 Six-Day War.
Both the USA and the USSR
initiated massive resupply efforts,
and this led to a near-confrontation
between the two nuclear superpowers.

1975, Lebanese Civil War:
. Lebanon’s Maronites and Israel
fought with the Palestinians (PLO)
but also, Syria was suppressing the PLO;
because, Syria needed Lebanon’s seaport;
and, the PLO war was disrupting that .

1975, Brezhnev SALT talks include energetics:
Brezhnev had introduced to the SALT talks
the vague proposal that we should
also consider outlawing the development of
new weapons more frightful than
the mind of man had ever imagined .

1975.4.30, USA loses in Vietnam:
. USA had pulled out in 1973.8.15;
and now communists had gained control .

1975.8: USA sees weather modification threat:
. Claiborne Pell’s USA Senate initiative,
pushed for a ban on hostile uses of
weather Control technology
at the Committee on Disarmament .

1977.5.18: weather-control treaty:

. Soviets, USA, and 29 other countries,
agreed not to cause storms or earthquakes
— regulating Tesla telegeodynamics .
The U.N. ban, is called
“The Convention on the Prohibition
of Military or Any Other Hostile Use
of Environmental Modification Techniques” .

1978, USA-USSR nuclear parity:
. USSR catches up with USA’s nuke numbers .

1978.4, communism takes Afghanistan:
. the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan
were communists touting Women’s Equality
which was considered an attack on Islam;
and within months, a civil war was waged
by guerrilla mujahideen backed by Pakistan .

1979.1.16, USA-UK loses Iran puppet:
. the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi,
installed by a secret USA-UK intervention,
was violently forced to leave the country;
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini,
the leader of the revolution,
administered a Shia Islam republic .

1979, China dictates population control:

. city dwellers could have one child only;
farmers could have 2 (52.9% had a second child
if their first was a daughter).
. rates fell from 2.63 births per woman
to 1.61 by 2009 .
. curbing growth would be essential for
growing the nation’s distributable wealth;
because increased fertility tends to
consume any rise in living standards,
unless the economy and job market can grow;
thus, living standards are not sustainable
without some form of population control .

1979.3.26, Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty:
. Egypt normalizes relations with Israel;
in exchange for the complete withdrawal
of Israel from the Sinai Peninsula
which Israel had captured in 1967
during the Six-Day War .
. Egypt agreed to leave the area demilitarized;
Israeli ships could use the Suez Canal .

1979.12, “most serious threat to the peace”:
. in mid-1979, USA was covertly in Afghanistan
( the USA had just lost control of Iran,
and now Afghanistan was going to communists
who were trying to assist Israel’s enemies?! ).
. then a Soviet-backed head of Afghanistan
is assassinated by one who is, in turn,
assassinated by Soviet special forces;
and Soviet troops entered Afghanistan
in order to protect the new head .
. Carter described the Soviet incursion as
“the most serious threat to the peace
since the Second World War”;
and, USA responded by:
# withdrawing the SALT II treaty,
# imposing embargoes on grain and technology
# boycotting the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics.

1981, Reagan is USA president:
. Reaganomics was unregulated capitalism
that lets markets handle population control,
by pushing them into religious homeless shelters .
. under the Reagan Doctrine,
the U.S. provided overt and covert (CIA) aid
to anti-communist guerrillas
in an effort to “roll back” Soviet-backed governments
in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
. Nicaragua, in Central America,
in a region that could provide a canal;
was pitting the Communist Sandinistas
against the CIA-backed Contra rebel groups;
but, the CIA were not paid to do that work;
so, they got funding from illegal arms trade,
selling to Iran despite an arms embargo .

1981.3.30, Reagan survives assassin’s bullet .
1981.5.13, the Pope survives assassin’s bullet .

1982, Lebanon War:
. the PLO was still attacking Israel
(as were leftist and Muslim Lebanese forces)
and Syrian rule in Lebabon was no help;
so, Israel fought to empower the Maronites .
. the PLO state had been expelled from Beirut,
but, Syria remained in 35% of Lebanon
and the Maronites still didn’t have the power
to keep a lasting peace .

1983.3.23, Reagan’s SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative):

. laughed off as the “StarWars” dud,
lasers were merely a cover story for
the serious work invented by Tesla .
. there would be weather control for
generating a static field anywhere
and antiphase radio waves in a static field
to create cold fission
(the disruptive Hutchison effect).
. SDI developed weapons of mass destruction
that are far more powerful than Nukes
— a small example was seen in 2001,
on 9/11’s Trade Towers demolitions .
. SDI includes an anti-nuke defense shield
that could make nuclear war impossible .
. the Soviet’s Yuri Andropov said it would
put “the entire world in jeopardy”;
Andropov was head of KGB (Soviet’s CIA),
and was well aquanted with cold fission .
. SDI was also against the ABM Treaty,
which promised not to design shields
that would block incoming nukes .
. SDI would be implemented by the
USA DoD Missile Defense Agency,
and especially by the CIA or
other secret military operations .

peacekeeping in Lebanon is discouraged:
1983.4.18, suicide car bomber:
U.S. Embassy in West Beirut, killed 63.
1983.10.23, 2 truck bombs:
. USA & France headquarters in Beirut;
killed 241 American and 58 French servicemen .

1984, War of the Camps:
. Palestinian refugee camps were
cleared of clandestine paramilitary groups
by the Syrian-controlled Shi’ite Amal militia;
because, Syria sought to placate Israel,
(… and USA and France …).
1984.2, USA withdrew from Lebanon.
1984.3, under pressure from Syria,
the Maronites ended treaties with Israel.
1985.6, Israel withdrew from most of Lebanon,
but decided to occupy southern Lebanon,
as a buffer between Lebanon and Israel
(a strip 3 to 5 miles wide).

1985.1.10, USA has HAARP technology:

Bernard J. Eastlund patent:
. altering a region in the earth’s
atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere:
The region is excited by
electron cyclotron resonance heating .
–. this patent is an ELF transmission system
and is the basis for the HAARP
(High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
run by the USA Navy in Alaska,
part of an anti-missile system .

1985, Hezbollah (“Party of God”) manifesto:
. when the Shi’a of southern Lebanon
realized that Israel had no intention of leaving,
The Amal (“hope”) Movement unleashed guerrillas,
and Hezbollah was an offshoot of those Shia,
backed by Iranian assistance (more Shia)
— inspired by Iran’s 1979 Revolution.
. here’s Hezbollah’s manifesto(1985):
# “Israel’s final departure from Lebanon
as a prelude to its final obliteration”
(destruction of the “Zionist entity”)
# ending “any imperialist power in Lebanon”,
# submission of the Phalangists* to “just rule”
and bringing them to trial for their crimes,
# giving the people the chance to choose
“with full freedom the system of government they want”,
while not hiding its commitment to the rule of Islam.
*: (the Phalangists are the
Lebanese Christian paramilitary organization
inspired by the fascist Falange in Spain).

18 years of armed conflict:
The Lebanese Civil War would continue until 1990,
at which point Syria would control Lebanon .

1986, USSR Gorbachev Glasnost and Perestroika:
. Gorbachev offered more transparency;
it was the 2nd phase of de-Stalinization:
the history books were declassified .
. there was a rise of nationalism:
a reawakening of simmering ethnic tensions .
. forms of capitalism and foreign investment
were soon encouraged, but not helpful ?
. depite being increasingly impoverished,
and drained by the war (1979.12-1989.2)
USSR population growth continued .
. another reason was alcohol reform:
even less productive than a drunk,
is an addict deprived of a fix:
much of the new capitalism consisted of
blackmarket alcohol sales .

1987.5.28, Gorbachev assisted by stunt:
. German amateur aviator Mathias Rust
flew from Finland to Moscow;
and was spotted by radar,
but may have been confused with expected flights .
. Gorbachev replaced some military heads,
who happend to be influential conservatives,
when he was trying to democratize communism .

1988.12.21, Pan Am Flight 103 bombing:
. it crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland;
some thought Libya was framed .

1989, USSR withdraws from Afghanistan:
. they took out the communists by 1992 .

1989.3, the communist Europe spring:
. in March, there was multi-candidate voting
the first time voters of the Soviet Union
ever chose any members of the Congress;
but only one political party was allowed .
. there were protesters against one-party rule
first in Poland and contining in Hungary,
East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania.
. the fall of the Berlin Wall started .

1989.5, USSR real democracy slings mud:
. in May for two weeks on live television,
congressmen railed against the USSR’s ways
including the KGB, military, and even Gorbachev .

1989.6.4, communist China spring fails:
. political protestors in Beijing were
brutally supressed by tanks and rifles
in the Tiananmen Square Massacre .
. they were protesting the April death of
Hu Yaobang, deposed from the office of
Communist Party General Secretary,
for being a liberal reformer .

1991.8, communists strong-arm Gorbachev:
. due to increasing political unrest
the military and the Communist Party elite
attempted a coup d’état ousting Gorbachev
and re-establishing an authoritarian regime .
. although foiled by popular resistance
led by Russian SFSR president Yeltsin,
the coup attempt led to heightened fears
that the reforms would be reversed;
and, most of the constituent republics
began declaring outright independence .

1991.12.25, fall of Soviet Union:

. Soviet President Gorbachev had resigned,
declaring his office extinct,
and handed over Soviet nuke control
to Russian President Boris Yeltsin .
. in its place would be founded the CIS
(Commonwealth of Independent States)
including the Russian Federation,
Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova,
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan .

1992.5.15, CST (CIS Collective Security Treaty):
. a communally assured peace treaty
included the Russian Federation, Armenia,
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan .

1995.1.1, USA Advanced Weapons testing:

Aum Shinrikyo sect Master Shoko Asahara:
“(Uranus signifies secret weapons
or improved scientific weapons)
The conjunction of Uranus and Mars
may indicate that the USA will conduct
experiments with weapons somewhere again.”
— predicting the start of
US. Advanced testing early in 1995 .

1995.4.19, Oklahoma City Bombing:

. is this USA Advanced Weapons testing ?
. the truck bombers claimed it commemorated
the 1993.4.19 Waco Siege conflagration;
however, there is evidence of dual conspiracy,
because the aftermath of the explosion
was consistent with energetics weapons,
not just a truck bomb .
. Harry Mason, BSc, MSc, MAIMM, MIMM, FGS.,
is a geologist/ geophysicist,
He has extensive field experience in
geo-recce[Reconnaissance], geophysics/geochemistry,
remote-sensing/computer imaging technologies,
and seismic and electromagnetic studies .
. he reports for Nexus Magazine (backup):

. Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building,
was blasted by the “terrorist bombing”
utilising an ANFO bomb composed of
from two to five tonnes of ammonium nitrate
and Diesel fuel-oil set up in a hire truck
parked in front of the target building.
. the Murrah Building began to shake violently;
five-to-ten seconds later,
a huge explosion demolished the building .
Explosives experts in Australia, the UK and USA
(e.g., the General Partin report)
began to question the nature of the damage at OKC.
The gist of their theses is that
low-velocity explosives like ANFO
cannot have demolished so many support pillars
in the strange pattern seen at OKC,
since the blast pressure falls off
according to the inverse cube distance law
-yet some near-bomb pillars were still standing,
whilst some further away from the bomb
were demolished by the blast.
Their reports generally invoke a need for
very-high-velocity explosives
and individual charges attached to
certain pillars inside the building
— requiring hours of work to fit out.
Personal friends with experience in
mining explosives and Belfast IRA
ANFO terrorist-bomb damage
have confirmed these points to me
and have noted that
the crater that developed at OKC
does not fit with the truck bomb explanation
or the truck’s alleged parking lot position.
. in late 1996, I visited Oklahoma City
and with the help of local author David Hoffman
examined the “bombing” site
and interviewed local witnesses.
Seismic evidence recorded by local seismometers
demonstrated a double-pronged
explosive energy event
with two nearly identical three-to-five-second,
low-amplitude, multiple wave trains
separated by a null field,
occurring over a nine-second interval.
… A policeman working at his computer
noticed electrical sparks and streamers
in the wiring under the table
several seconds before the explosion
brought the building down around him.
A woman on an upper floor noted
a strong ionising electrical sensation
and hot air-flow entering the windows
several seconds prior to the explosion
which blew the same windows in on her.
The lights in the building went out
some five seconds before the explosion.
A dictation tape recording made across the street
from the “bombed” building
recorded a loud “click” a few seconds
before it recorded the sound of a huge explosion.
This “click” was probably
a local electromagnetic wave spike
of considerable intensity.
An eyewitness located in a car
a couple of hundred metres from ground zero
observed a silver-white light flash or beam
coming out of the top of the building,
followed by a large blue-white
electrical arcing flash or beam,
followed by an orange-red light flash or beam
that shot out from the top of the building.
These electrical and light effects
took some five seconds
and preceded the actual explosion.
They were followed immediately by
two explosive shock waves,
one trailing on the other,
that propagated out and away from
the base of the building.
These waves lifted the ground and buildings
violently upwards.
Several cars located on the above-ground carpark
had electronic ignition computers
completely burnt out by the event.
Two cars had factory-fitted digital magnetic compasses
that were later found to have been thrown out
by 180° and 45° respectively.
Many nearby office computers
went down with burnt-out circuit- boards.
These facts point strongly to a major EM pulse
having struck the area associated with the explosion.

I showed a suite of local damage photos
to retired SAS trooper friends,
with experience in IRA ANFO bomb damage.
They were as amazed as I was,
and stated categorically that
this was no ANFO damage.
They said it would not have mattered
how large an ANFO bomb had been detonated,
it could not have caused the damage seen .
Funnily, the FBI released film of
ANFO car-bomb test explosions
that show significant fireball or
fiery effects from such explosives.
Yet no witnesses have described
any fiery explosion or flames
-just strange, pre-explosion light flashes or beams
followed by pure energy waves,
with very high plasma-type heat effects
noted on nearby car paint.
It is my contention that
the OKC event was the result of
a double-pronged EM weapon strike
that caused the Earth’s dielectric field
to erupt up through the building.
The building shook first because of
harmonic reaction to the first EM wave packet
which also blew the building’s electrical supply
and created the various computer, digital compass
and ionising hot-air effects.
Having rocked the building sufficiently,
the EM weapon mode was advanced in a second strike
to initiate atomic-bond rupture
and literally blow the building material apart.
No conventional or nuclear explosive,
including a so-called “A-Neutronic” bomb,
can cause seismic shaking and
electrical light-energy effects in a structure,
seconds before the explosion blast-wave hits.
Oblique aerial photos of the Murrah Building
show two nearly vertical, tubelike damage forms
running through the building.
These represent slightly displaced
near-vertical but divergent
beam-pulse orientations,
suggesting an orbital platform
was involved in the action.

. earlier that morning, lower-level personnel
had been searching for a bomb,
having been told that the building was
targeted for bombing by terrorists,
but, in failing to find it,
they then did not proceed to evacuate the building.
… [ many officials were saved though .]

— Dr.Mason .
. so, given that testimony,
imagine provoking of a truckbomb conspiracy
as the FBI are paid to do,
but instead of prosecuting it,
they then time that event to coincide with
a CIA Tesla weapons testing experiment,
which also has the effect of
keeping the USA public vigilant against
the growing menace of Patriot terrorists,
and New World Order conspiracy nuts .

1996.5, WIFJAJC (al-Qaeda) is created:
. the Islamic radical group WIFJAJC
(World Islamic Front for Jihad Against
[zionist] Jews and Crusaders[pro-zionists])
sponsored by Osama bin Laden
and later reformed as al-Qaeda,
was based in Afghanistan,
with assistance from the Taliban .
. Osama bin Laden was also in the CIA,
and likely was planted in Afghanistan
specifically as an excuse to invade there
as a stepping stone to an Iran invasion .

1997.8.12, 9th of Av Heifer breeding plan:
. a group of West Bank settlers
provide land to raise red heifers .
. when a red heifer without blemish is found
the Messiah comes to rebuild the Temple,
and this raises the apocalypse .

1999, energetics technology published:

. the full technical justification for
everything Bearden reported about superweapons,
is now in the literature:
M.W. Evans et al. (15 authors),
“On Whittaker’s Representation of the
Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo,
Part V: The Production of Transverse Fields
and Energy by Scalar Interferometry,”
Journal of New Energy, 4(3),
Special Issue, Winter 1999, p. 76-78.
— That entire issue of JNE is devoted to
O(3) higher group symmetry electrodynamics.

. Scalar Interferometry refers to
using Interferometry  to combine antiphase beams
which produces gravitational (scalar EM) waves .
. applying gravitational waves to objects within a static field
creates the Hutchison effect .

2000.1.1, millennium attack plots:
. 4 Al-Qaeda bomb plots, 3 foiled,
one boat bombing attempt fell apart .

2000.10, USS Cole bombing:
. while being refueled in Yemen,
al-Qaeda suicide-attacked with boat bomb .

2001.8.6, CIA warns of al-Qaeda attack:
. the threat is from Osama bin Laden .
. the CIA is warning about 9/11 .

2001.9.11: USA’s war on terrorism:

. the official story is 9-11 was
yet another attempt by anti-zionist forces
to hit icons of pro-zionism power;
however, conspiracy theorists argue,
the 911neocons (likely the CIA’s military)
is suspected of creating a new Pearl Harbor:
something to popularize an endless war,
and to motivate passage of the Patriot Act .
. the Office of Strategic Influence existed
despite the Pentagon being barred from
running PsyOps on its own citizens;
the 9/11 operation itself was a PsyOp .
. USA’s first “counterstrike” would be to
set up bases on either side of Iran:
by having permanent military bases in Iraq,
and also currently being in Afghanistan,
they can then take out an Iran that is
a regional leader in anti-zionism .

2001.9.16, it’s a crusade:
. President George W. Bush said,

“This crusade – this war on terrorism –
is going to take a while, …”

Bush later apologized for being
insensitive to Muslim sensibilities .
The word cr-usa-de was not used again .

2001.12.13, Welcome to the New World Order:

. George W. Bush gave Russia notice of
USA’s withdrawal from the ABM treaty
— anti-ballistic.missle shields are up!
. the SDI was mature, tested, and
would protect critical assets from nukes .

2002.10.7, CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization):
. a continuation of the CST post-USSR peace treaty
between Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan .

2002.10.12, Bali bombing:
. Jemaah Islamiyah Islamic bombers
attacked a Hindu state
within a muslim federation .
. a recorded message from Osama Bin Laden
stated the bombings were for
support of the USA war on terror
and Australia’s role in the
liberation of Catholic East Timor
from rule by Muslim-majority Indonesia;
ie, Bali and East Timor needed to convert;
instead, East Timor fought back;
so, Bali got bombed .

2003.5.12, zionists in Saudi Arabia bombed .
2003.5.16, zionists in Morocco bombed .
2003.11.15, Jews in Turkey bombed .

2003.11.20, zionists in Turkey bombed:
. as USA President George W. Bush
was in the UK, meeting the Prime Minister,
truck bombs hit the UK’s embassy,
and headquarters of UK’s HSBC Bank,
both in  Istanbul, Turkey .

2004.3.11, Madrid train bombings:
. Spain was taken into the Iraq War,
and in 3day there would be new elections;
the bombing reminded them of terrorism
and the need to be in that war,
but Spain’s people voted the other way .

2005.7.7, London bombings:

. multiple subway bombings,
some believe were falseflag attacks
created by secret police,
trying to influence public opinion:
just like 9/11, the Boston bombings,
and the Sandy Hook Massacre,
there happened to be related drills
right as actual events were going off
— heroes, right on time .

2006, Fatah–Hamas breakup:
. the Fatah-ruled PNA (Palestinian National Authority)
and the Hamas Government in Gaza.
are opposing political parties within Palestine
(the part of Israel where Arabs are still allowed).
. a June escalation was triggered by
Hamas’s suspicion that the PNA’s Presidential Guard
( loyal to Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas,
financed by USA, armed by Israel,
and trained by Jordan and Egypt)
was being positioned to take control of Gaza.
Beginning in 2004, British intelligence MI6
was indeed preparing for a crackdown on Hamas,
with the help of Fatah security.
. most of these British plans,
calling for the internment of leaders and activists,
the closure of radio stations
and the replacement of imams in mosques,
were implemented during this 2006 conflict.

2006.6.25, Hamas cross-border raid into Israel:
. the Israeli response left Hamas with
half its parliamentary bloc
and its cabinet ministers in the West Bank
in Israeli custody.

2006.7.12, Israel–Hezbollah War:
. The conflict began when Hezbollah fired rockets at
Israeli border towns as a diversion for
an anti-tank missile attack on two armored Humvees
patrolling the Israeli side of the border fence.
. it ended with the approval of UN Resolution 1701
calling for disarmament of Hezbollah,
withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon,
and for the deployment of Lebanese soldiers
and an enlarged UN’IFIL (Interim Force in Lebanon)
given an expanded mandate, including the ability to
use force to ensure that their area of operations
wasn’t used for hostile activities,
and to resist attempts by force
to prevent them from discharging their duties.

2006.8.15, Syrian Shia threatens Israel:
. after anti-Israel bias by the international media,
Hezbollah claimed victory in the propaganda war;
and, in a speech given on 2006.8.15,
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed that
the Arab resistance against Israel
would continue to grow stronger:
“Your weapons, warplanes, rockets
and even your atomic bomb
will not protect you in the future.”

2007.3, EAEC (Eurasian Economic Community):
. the EAEC originated from the
post-USSR CIS Customs Union
of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan .
. EAEC is seen as replacing the CIS treaty .
EAEC is working on establishing a common energy market
and exploring the more efficient use of water .
Freedom of movement is implemented among the members
(no visa requirements).

2008.2.21, Israel threatens Syria:
. during 2008’s Feb. 21 “blood-red” moon,
Israel warned Syria not to support Hezbollah
and spoke of new wars with Hamas also .

2008.5, conflict in Lebanon:
. the fighting was sparked by a government move to
shut down Hezbollah’s telecommunication network
and remove Beirut Airport’s security chief
over alleged ties to Hezbollah.
. the Lebanese eventually backed down .

2009.11.5, “going postal” at Fort Hood:
. Nidal Malik Hasan, muslim,
and an army psychiatrist,
was likely harrassed by workers
for being muslim and an army psychiatrist,
hence it was likely “workplace violence”.

2011.3, Syrian civil war:
. Syria’s head is Bashar al-Assad,
an Alawite, a twelver Shia, like Iran;
he’s backed by Russian arms and treaties,
and by the pro-Iranian Hezbollah forces .
. the twelver Shia muslims are resisted by
Sunni Muslims, including Al-Qaeda .
. while most defectors are Sunnis,
early defectors were simply humanitarians
who refused to shoot unarmed protesters .
. some may have defected from Russian backing
since Russia has long oppressed muslims,
and al-Assad doesn’t promote Sharia law;
therefore, he’s seen as a Westerner not a Muslim .
. most of his opposition comes from the
Syrian Islamic Liberation Front
which promotes implementation of Sharia law
while still “protecting religious minorities” .

2011.4.28, zionists in Morocco bombed:
.  Al Qaeda denied responsibility?
notice it comes after Syria’s war,
which is muslim against muslim:
Shia against Sunni .

2012.3, anti-zionist serial sniper:
. . Mohammed Merah, petty criminal,
turned lone wolf vigilante;
the Toulouse and Montauban shootings
were targeting French soldiers
(for cooperating with the war on terror)
and Jewish civilians
(seen as synonymous with Israelis).

2012.9.11, Benghazi embassy attack:

. on the anniversary of 9/11 attacks,
muslims pretended to be offended by a movie
so they could gather to attack the embassy,
reminding us that the 9/11 attacks
were the CIA pretending to be muslims .

2013, CSTO gets new observers:
. Observer status of the post-USSR treaties
include Afghanistan, and Serbia (home of Tesla).

2013.4.15, Boston Marathon Bombings in USA:

— coincided with both Patriot’s Day
and with Israel’s Independence Day .
. Patriot’s Day (or Patriots’ Day) commemorates
the battles of Lexington and Concord, 1775.
Patriot’s Day is annually held on the third Monday of April.
It should not be confused with Patriot Day, 9/11,
to mark the anniversary of 9/11(2001) attacks .
. a former CIA head said
“Patriots groups” include anti-federal terrorists
that commemorated the 1993.4.19 Waco Siege conflagration
with the 1995.4.19 Oklahoma City Bombing .
. some “Patriots” consider the CIA to be Illuminati .
. Israel’s Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut)
. is the 5th day of Iyar in the Hebrew calendar,
. in 1948, the 5th of Iyar fell on May 14,
but in 2013 it fell on April 15, on a Monday,
so it’s observed on Tuesday; nevertheless,
the 5th of Iyar was on 4.15, Bombing day;
a day of mourning now; and coincidentally,
a day when Anti-Zionist Jews
are mourning Israel’s Independence Day
because it proclaimed the state of Israel
without the Messiah .
. conspiracy theorists assert that the FBI
is known for entrapping terrorist bombers
so, it’s possible they knew about the plans
and decided to let them play out to completion;
there is no evidence fingering the FBI;
but the plausibility of this conspiracy theory,
should have us reviewing the 9/11 story
for which there is circumstantial evidence
against both the FBI and the CIA
(their whistleblowers are ignored).
. just as 9/11 popularized war in Afghanistan,
the Bombing on Israel Day by Muslims
could popularize the next phase
of USA’s noose around Iran:
defending Israel’s right to attack Iran
in order to stop its Nuclear program .
. by having the bombing date coincide with
Israel’s Independence day,
this would popularize the notion that
Americans and Israelites have a common enemy
and should be fighting Iran together .
. actually, it’s the First Native Americans
who are in the same role as the Zionists:
both Jews and the First Native Americans
were expelled from most of their homelands
by none other than the same Europeans!
(the Romans were more white than Arabian).
. the First Native Americans should
take back their ancestral homeland
just as the Jews have taken back Israel;
they should sweep aside the militant Christians
who terrorized with guns, alcohol, and smallpox .
. indeed, the First Native Americans
would have a better case than Israel did
for the ethnic cleansing of their homelands,
since the people the Jews tossed out
were not the same people that tossed the Jews .
. after Romans toss Jews
and Romans turn Christian,
and then Muslims tossed Christians,
it seems quite predictable
that what we have recently is
the Christians are being oh-so helpful
in having the Jews toss the Muslims!
. Americans should be in agreement with Jews
that immigration law is a big issue,
but, it’s not clear who the natives are anymore:
Arabs have owned Israel more than 1000 years .

2013.5.22, anti-crusader vehicle homocide:
. a British Army soldier was killed by
being run over and then butchered,
to avenge the death of Muslims,
killed by the Crusader’s war on Terror .

2014-2015 tetrad

possible apocalyptic Armegeddon:

summary of interesting dates:
2014.4.15, Passover (Feast of Trumpets)
— the 1st annual feast —
. the 1st of 4 “blood red moons”
(total lunar eclipses) occurs
2014.4.29, partial solar eclipse
2014.10.8, Succoth (Feast of Tabernacles)
— 7th and final annual feast —
. the 2nd total lunar eclipse occurs .
2014.10.23, partial solar eclipse
2015.3.20, the Jewish religious new year:
. total solar eclipse .
2015.4.14, Passover:
. the 3rd total lunar eclipse occurs .
2015.9.13, the civil new year
— end of 7-year cycle’s sabbatical year —
. total solar eclipse .
2015.9.28, Feast of Succoth:
. 4th total lunar eclipse .

. 2008.9.30 began a seven year cycle;
that ends on Rosh Hashanah on 2015.9.13-14;
the sabbatical year of that cycle
begins on Rosh Hashanah 2014.9.25 .

. USA promises military intervention
for any use of biological weapons by Syria;
though, Obama seems alert to the possibility of
false-flag operations done by the
many who want to see USA enter this war
(CIA, Israel, Syrian rebels, Islamic state)
… by 2013.6, USA is arming the rebels .

. when Syria falls, it is then likely that
USA-Israel’s next target will be Iran .
. USA-Israel has already agreed to obstruct
Iran’s nuclear weapons program .

Iran threatens more than Israel

. USA-Israel is worried about a powerful Iran;
because, USA and Iran have a dark history:
. Russia and Britain were carving up Iran
trying to control a path to India:
east Iran became Afghanistan,
strategically created by Britain
to impede Russia’s access to India .
. Iran lets Britain develope oil;
and, this oil would become vital to the Navy
in world wars I and II .
. after WWII, Westerners still colonized Iran,
and when Iran sought to nationalize their oil company,
USA-UK saw it as a communist colonization,
and corrupted the Iranian goverment and elections
in order to install a “capitalist” puppet
who would continue letting Westerners
control access to their oil .
. USA had been heavily modernizing in Iran,
when Israel started getting heavy,
thereby fomenting Islamic pride .
. Islam returns rule of Iran to Iranians;
the American Embassy is attacked,
and, in retaliation,
Iranian bank assets in USA are frozen .
. the USA had lost an important base in Iran,
so they quickly sought to build Iraq into a base
by helping Iraq resolve tensions with Iran
(Iran & Iraq had been having border disputes,
and Saddam feared the Shia’s Iranian Revolution
would inspire Iraq’s Shia majority
to either splinter from Iraq,
or begin to dominate its politics)
. Iraq attacked Iran without warning,
but, by June 1982 Iran was on the offensive;
and Iraq would eventually resort to the use of
biological weapons provided by the USA .
. the USA trained Iraqis in guerrilla warfare
in the event Iran won at a conventional war .
. USA would also funnel loans and supplies
by secret routes that the CIA would conceal
but the FBI would eventually expose as Iraqgate .
. Israel invades the Shia of Lebanon,
to keep the PLO from making trouble;
and they install a Christian government
with the help of USA and France troops;
so, the Lebanonese Shia (backded by Iran)
organize into an anti-occupation militia;
later known as the Hezbollah (“Party of God”),
which would eventually be synonymous with
international Iranian=Shia terrorism .
. some iconic suicide bombings followed:
# 1983.4.18:U.S. Embassy in West Beirut;
# 1983.10.23: USA & France headquarters in Beirut .
. then Syria agrees to do the PLO suppression,
and the Western powers stop occupying .
. the USA’s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism
no longer includes Saddam Hussein’s Iraq;
meanwhile, Iran was petitioning the UN to
forbid Iraq from further use of Anthrax
(a biological Weapon of Mass Destruction)
which Iraq had imported from the USA .
. USA then obstructed Iraq’s UN resolution,
because it singled-out Iraq,
(the Security Council did finally condemn
everyone’s use of unconventional weapons).
. Israel won’t stop occupying the Shia’s
Lebanonese area bordering Israel;
and so, Hezbollah publishes its manifesto
threatening the existence of Israel .
. the CIA sells arms to Iran to finance
anti-communist efforts in Nicaragua
(they are still arming Iran’s enemy, Iraq).
. Iran and Iraq are destroying oil tankers
to deprive each other of money for arms .
. oil tankers to Iraq were protected by USA,
which was tantamount to declaring war on Iran .
. after Iran missiles attacked an oil tanker
at anchor off Kuwait,
the USA navy attacked 2 Iranian command posts .
. a USA frigate is badly damaged by a mine,
and, after finding that Iran had laid a minefield
to blockade Iraq’s Persian gulf supply chain,
the USA navy attacks 2 Iranian oil platforms .
. the Iranian passenger jet, Flight 655,
was treated as an unresponsive military vehicle,
and subsequently shot down by the USA navy .
. USA`Bush “normalizes” relations with Iraq;
to promote stability in the Persian Gulf
and the Middle East;
because, “Access to Persian Gulf oil
and the security of key states in the area
are vital to U.S. national security.”
. Iraq invades oil-rich Kuwait .
. the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996 (ILSA)
imposed mandatory and discretionary sanctions
on non-American companies investing heavily in
the Iranian oil and natural gas sectors.
. the USA’s 911neocons created a false-flag operation,
drone-attacking the Pentagon and Trade Towers
to blame it on Islamic Radicals
as a pretext for invading 2 key regions
on either side of Iran (Iraq and Afghanistan),
in preparation for attacking Iran itself .
. Iran’s president Ahmadinejad
accused the West of creating Israel
as a move against the Islamic world
— part of American imperialism .
. he infamously threatened Israel:
“As the Imam said,
Israel must be wiped off the map” .
. he warned leaders of Muslim nations
who recognised the state of Israel
that they risked having to face
“the wrath of their own people”.
. Iranians took to the streets by the millions
to protest the supposed re-election of
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
. USA lifts some Iran Sanctions:
they now have USA anti-virus software,
and can use social media more privately .
. the USA Senate is lead by Israel:
it is customary for Congress to pass
resolutions commending Israel on the
anniversary of its founding in 1948.
. the 2013 resolution includes this:
“if the Government of Israel is compelled
to take military action in legitimate self defense
against Iran’s nuclear weapons program,
the United States Government should
stand with Israel
and provide, in accordance with United States law
and the constitutional responsibility of Congress
to authorize the use of military force,
diplomatic, military, and economic support
to the Government of Israel
in its defense of its territory, people, and existence.”


. an Iran with nukes might dissuade
any future aggressiveness by Iraq,
but an Iran with nukes would also be seen as
a likely threat to Israel,
and definitely meant to threaten the West .
. if USA-Israel preemptively attacks Iran,
Russia-China has promised to back Iran;
and this will bring the apocalypse .
. 2014-2015 may be a struggle for Israel;
but 2016 will be a catastrophe for us all .

. there is some chance that Obama could
thwart the wwIII plans built around Israel,
as Obama had campaigned on tough-love for Israel
and on demanding more fairness to Palestinians .
. he was strongly resisted as “anti-Israel”
and that’s why Obama, a Democrat
who was no more socialistic than Clinton,
was uniquely tar-brushed as a socialist
— that term is basicallly code for a communist
(who are notoriously anti-Israel).
. if Obama won’t “defend” Israel
— and start WWIII —
then the covert military (911neocons)
might start it without him .
. the USA’s 911neocons easily have enough fire power
to provoke Russia-China-Iran into
full-scale superweapons warfare
using the new cold-fission beams
that the 911neocons used on the 9/11 Trade Towers .

. there are rational reasons for
the existence of a Jewish State;
but that doesn’t mean Zionism is rational:
Zionism means a Jewish State in Palestine,
in the middle of Muslim country .
. a more rational place for a Jewish State
would have been USA coastal Federal lands .
. the illuminati promoted Zionism
just so that they could have the WWIII
that will lead to one-world governance .
. a New World Order requires WWIII;
because, how can you ensure World Peace
without all countries agreeing to
live under one global rule?
. and how do we decide who or what
will provide that rule,
without a global winner-takes-all war ?
. the Democrats offer peace without war,
but they use Abortion to control population .
. the Republicans rightly promoted Israel;
but they didn’t deal well with Palestinians:
the American way would have been to
buy them out:
give them their own state in the USA,
make them all millionaires;
instead what they did is
let the Jews turn Palestinians into bums;
run along bums, losers .
. we are going to pay for that one .

. see updates to mideast war situation .


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